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6 balls without a run and that's a maiden over.

After introduction of T20, every dot ball is considered as golden ball and there was a time, when the game was more bowler dominant.

Mostly teams were involved in test matches and there bowlers were more dominant over the batsmen.

Here is a bowler, who bowled 21 maiden overs in a row, ya that's right. He has not conceded a single run in his 21 consecutive overs in 4 spells.

He is the most veteran Indian left-arm spinner, Bapu Nadkarni.

He delivered a record 21 consecutive maiden overs in an innings against England in the Madras Test (1963-64).

Bapu achieved the feat during a test against England in Chennai during 1963 - 1964.

In fact he had not conceded any run in 131 deliveries, which is a dream for any bowler and most likely no one can break the record as the batting standard has increased drastically now a days.

His four spells:

1st: 3- 3-0-0

2nd: 7- 5-2-0

3rd: 19-18-1-0

4th: 3- 1-2-0

Hope you like this fact, which happened nearly 50 years ago and still unbeaten.

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