Curation Nation (Muy Caliente!)

😍 Another dose of some posts that stand out for a variety of reasons. Although it's totally subjective as is the nature of "curation" itself, I hope you can find some picks in here to spread that love to and also get that curation love back. Don't "box" in your heart when it comes to the STS fam and watch the magical rainbows of sporty love shower their awesomeness right back on ya'. On to the posts!..........ONE LOVE! 😍


@baa.steemit is running a fun initiative to help burn some of the trillions of sports made and have fun in the process and encourage healthy dialogue. Very good work, Cheers!

breaker womans.png

breaker womans.png

That's it for this round but check out my Communities for other types of fun and random giveaways and token drops and positive community vibes! Most are really funky and some are just games and ways to promote yourself. Thanks for reading. COMMUNITY SPORTSBALL (also has invite only servers to keep it <3, feel free to use the tag and header so we can find and uv easier) FUN is allowed and humor posts encouraged ;) THE HOOD

pixabaymermaid.png COMMUNITIES (Want to promote a project, subscribe and use that tag, random tokens get given out at times and this one I've not been using much so want to grow it) WINTER SPORTS (A mod in here , A community by @sportsgeek! I've been swamped and only done one post so hop on in to share some seasonal fun!) PIRATE WORLD (YARRRRRRRR)

🤩 There are more but that's enough for now :)

(Selfie made artsy by @elgeko) Have a good one folks!


I remember reading about the SF Giants new coach, too. Personally, if a person can do the job, so be it.

agreed, you can pretty much guarantee the few women that are in places like that or even here for a long time are made of iron or found the right sugar daddy! :P (sarcasm on most of that, lol, thanks for the comment @wwwiebe)

Its such an honor to be one of this, will use the #sportsball on my next articles

awesome Juls :) thanks a million

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I think your post submission is really #posh!

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they have a LLama room in their sports server but my biz is an Alpaca
gotta drama llama, yikes, the new Steem Engine shows sports at ZERO? ffs, I have a lot of it too? :( haha, glad is not necessary but for fun

Muh fave STS Poster!!!


Thanks! It means a lot to get good feedback that's for sure. I love reading and curating so is sorta my thing and hope that it helps get people who I feel do cool work a lil more love.

we needs to resurreKt #teamgood

I have the perfect system, for the @teamgood account 🤗
I do mean PERFECT!

Amen Brother, Axey's leadership and platforms and projects she's working on quietly are next level. She gets goofy and humble but is one of the strongest leaders I've ever seen in my life.
Let's do some good, it's about time. FYI, New Pirate World Boss Quest out now

lulz thanx
(insert awkward half smile and blushing but thanks)

It seems interesting your work, we'll see what I can do to be among your selection.