Curation Nation (Selected Nom Noms for your Enjoyment)

in SportsTalkSocial •  7 months ago  (edited)

💥 Sometimes things get stale sometimes they seem more full of creative juices then usual. Lately, it's been a kind of cool mix of some new angles on topics or just very good points made. Curation helps because like most on here, I've got ten things going so sitting on here to sift through a lot is impossible at times.💥

🌠 Even though it's subjective, it's been nice to see some posts get some love their way and hope that new users feel welcomed. That's the power of curation. On with the Posts!...




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Greta list of posts off to check a few of them out

thanks, I try hard to sift through and find newer users or ones who do things with flair lol