Traditional Sports Are Not My Thing...

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I have never had a great interest in sports. I was a bit of a nerd as a kid. My preference was to read a good book. My mother would make me go out and play though.

The World Cup was today, so I did just finish watching our ladies here in the USA take the win. It was very exciting! I found myself cheering the US team and getting very excited. Guess that makes me an armchair futball coach.

Not sure if my favorite past time would be considered a proper topic for the #sportstalk tag, but I have a great time playing poker on Lucksacks Poker also known as the Steem Poker League (SPL). They have been around for a good long time in the Steem Community. @guiltyparties, @ats-david and a good many other folks put it together.

It is a really neat community. We have a real good time playing; even though it can get very competitive at times. They host many tournaments throughout the week and it is a great way to pick up a little SBD or maybe a lot of SBD if one is a great poker player!

It is also a good way to learn to be a better poker play. There are good folks that play there from all over the world and a few professionals!

So this is my first post on #sportstalk. I hope I did okay. I am rushing as somehow I posted this prior to finishing the and am typing as quickly as my arthritic fingers will allow!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I wish everyone a great upcoming week. You never know, there may be...



I just came second in a lucksacks tournament hosted by @followbtcnews.
Haven't seen you playing in a while, but it was good to find you.
I doubt this is the post you were referring to though. 😊




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