70k stake. - My Goal is to reach the 100k. || Lotto Prize: Start from 5K Sports

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Hello to all sports fans, I am very happy that there is a platform that speaks only about sports and the various content.

I want to share with you that today I have reached 70k stake. That 70,000 force does not come on foot, and it's not easy to get it.

My vote was 10k at first and started to slow down when people make BIG STAKE, so right now my vote is worth 3k.

I try as much as possible to support the community, and as much as possible to vote for people and good content (but because of the BIG STAKE people do it prevents me)

So therefore before my vote goes down completely, I will do a raffle on 5K!

I decided to do a lottery because I want to increase myself in the community and enrich the user in general.

The rules of the lottery are:

A. Upvote this post.
B. Follow ME. (optional!)
C. Select a Number from 1 to 100 and write it in comments.

Prize start from 5K(Depend on Post payout - if the post payout reach a lot sports I'll raise the prize)

To make it automatic, I'll make 100 notes with 100 numbers (from 1 to 100) and pick one note with my eyes closed.

The note that came out is the winner!

The lottery is valid for the first 100 people who enter or until 27/07.

A week from now.

Good Luck!


23! Good luck :)


So how is your staking going?

Congratulations on your power up! It's amazing to see that you're distributing/rewarding people with your achievement.

Keep pushing friend. Soon, you will hit it



25! 😀


Many congratulation by the way keep chasing your dreams :D

Congrats for your staking 😊


thank you for this contest

good job


Soon you will be there and congrats so far for getting to 70k

Congrats on the 70k stake!