Manchester United won 1: 2 to Tottenham

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The Red Devils maintained a perfect balance in the preparations: Marcel Lamb 1st (21), Lucas Mora Izn (65) and Angel Gomez (81)

After surprising Juventus in their previous preparation game, Tottenham wanted to continue their positive momentum on Thursday with another friendly in the International Champions League. Mauresu Puccetino's players met a familiar opponent in Shanghai, but this time it was not as good for them: the roosters lost 2: 1 to Manchester United, who kept a perfect balance in preparation and won another victory.

Anthony Marciel scored first for United (21), Lucas Mora, who also took the lead against Juventus, came up as a substitute and allowed it once again (65) to balance. But the last word was the young Angel Gomez, who came off the bench and in the 81st minute DoubleS played with Juan Matte, a nice room to the field and gave Paolo Gasaniga a nice 2-1 lead to United, and that was the end result. Even in the previous 1-0 win over Inter, United were helped by the talent that a young man arranged for her to win - so it was Mason Greenwood.

In its next match in the tournament, United will meet Milan next Saturday for an intriguing meeting in Cardiff. Before that, she would meet Norwegian Kristiansund for a friendly match. On the other hand, Tottenham will play on Tuesday against Real Madrid in Munich, and the next Sunday will host Inter for a festive game with their fans.