Marlians! New Platform By @surpassinggoogle

in #sportstalklast year

Hello, marlians!

I just see a new platform created by @surpassinggoogle.

I Bought a small amount of marilans token today. (more week I will see and I buy a lot more).

And i stake them:

I Wish Marilans a lot of Success!


Hi. Why have you posted this Sportstalk? This post not sport-related. Please don't abuse the tag or next time, you may be downvoted. Thank you

WTF? why not?
you would say this to @surpassinggoogle as well?
that he posting his community here?

Because this post isn't sport related. Terry posts great sports posts here. We are just trying to keep the platform clean and spam free but Ok, a post supporting Terry's fine work is cool.
Apologies for being hasty.

i have started to using that as well great addition on steem blockchain :D