10-man Arsenal showed class against Chelsea

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So yesterday was about class and will to fight for what you believe in. I thought yesterday match was a good time to get back at Chelsea after they scored twice in the dying minutes at the Emirates in the first leg.

It felt so and i was damn ready for it. But Mustafi in his usual stunt, committed a blunder. A blunder that changed everything.

It made Luiz make irrational decision to bring Tammy Abraham down while he was through on goal. That decision changed everything.

We were one man down and 1 goal down as well. It looked like a mountain to climb in match where three points was very important.

The game didn't end as many would have thought. It brought out the winning spirit we've been looking for from this Arsenal squad.

They fought their way back through Martinelli's classic display at the heart of goal.

After Willian corner was cleared by Mustafi, it gave Martinelli an opportunity to be through on goal with Ngolo Kante to beat.

He turned the defender to a dummy with his right kneel which deceived Kante who thought he would play a through ball to Pepe who was ahead of him.

The young forward pushed forward and calmly scored an important goal that changed the direction of the game.

The goal made him our first teenager since Anelka in 1998/1999 season to score 10 goals in a single season.

If any one still doubt the young teenage eye for goal, he proved them wrong yesterday. If there is any thing to show for the money a club paid to secure your signature, i am sure he has showed that already.

Our next match is an away FA Cup Competition against Bournemouth on Monday.

Thankfully, it will end the three match ban given to Aubameyang. This will probably give Arteta headache over selection because Martinelli currently plays in Auba's position.

I hope Arteta wont drop the young player to the bench. He needs more time and experience to help him become better.


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