I'm playing better football under Arteta - Pepe

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Arteta is credited for being responsible for the great improvement evident on how Raheem Sterling plays.

The forward was known for missing chances but since Arteta became City assistant coach, Sterling stepped up his game.

Another player that is seeing improvement in how he plays is Nicolas Pepe. The Ivorian is among Arteta's favorites having featured in all the matches Arteta have managed since he joined Arsenal last year December.

Pepe has grown in confidence compared to how he played before Arteta's appointment. The Ivorian scored our opening goal in our New Year day win against Manchester United and celebrated in his 'salute style' trademark.

Pepe admitted that Arteta has really helped him in his short term at the Emirates as the coach. He says he has been playing good football.

Pepe says Arteta has explained to him what he expected of him on the pitch. Not only that, he also shown him some videos that focus mainly on the importance of his positioning on the pitch.

I have no doubt that Pepe will do well at Arsenal and under Mikel Arteta. He has the skills but he needs to work on certain things. For instance, his passes are not accurate. Some are not well timed as they come earlier than expected, some later and many do not even reach the player.

This is a major concern for me and something i think he needs to work on because if he gets them right, we will have some goals and assists from him.

With the right coaching, he will be a good player on that right wing.


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