Key points of the first half WlvsVSManU

in sportstalk •  10 months ago 
  • Idk why, but Wolves supporters are booing the sh*t outta Daniel James.

  • Both the teams are looking pretty ignited, and the pressing intensity (especially that of Utd's) is quite impressive

  • Rashford showing signs of improvement but still he isn't a winger material

  • Wolves players are clearly showing signs of fatigue due to fixture congestion

  • Jimenez is linking up really well with his fellow players

  • AWB is once again playing very well, only this time he's a bit more focused on the defensive duties.

  • The opening goal was due to Wily Boly was caught napping and Martial made them pay.

  • Wolves are repeatedly not cutting the runs of Utd forwards.

  • Martial is having a strange game. His finishing was nice for the first goal but he had wasted a couple of decent chances. Also, his ball distribution is not very good. But still he's playing decent as a target man.

  • Wolves are defending compact. Also they have giving the ball very cheaply. Either UTD is pressing very hard or Wolves are way too tired to play the match. 😂

  • Shaw's pace is just wow. He's playing way better then he was against Chelsea

  • De Gea might be sleeping😪😪

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