VAR in the Premier League makes me Laugh

in #sportstalklast year

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That was a one thousand percent penalty as not only did the ball touch Arnold’s hand, his hands were outstretched too. Manchester City, not only did they not get a penalty, conceded a goal too at that moment in a superb Liverpool counter.

What should have been 1-0 in favour of City is 2-0 in favour of Liverpool. Many might say that 2nd goal is not at all related but it is on a mental level. Also, Liverpool produced two moments of brilliance which both resulted in goals and I applaud that. Still, first one should not have been counted. That is sure. The referees know the importance of this fixture and still these errors are just unforgivable because these points can very well decide the title winner today.


Their is alot of controversial in the Premier league since they started using it