Big 12 football teams to resume practice

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The details about what is entailed during these practices have not been revealed but I think it is safe to assume that there will be a ton of regulations regarding how close players can get to one another and I would imagine there will be no full contact drills at least with another human.

It was decided on the weekend by the league's board of directors that starting on June 15th practice an resume. Participation is meant to be completely voluntary and athletes that are afraid of catching the virus will not be forced to come to practice. I don't think it would be much of a stretch to suggest that most players would probably feel pressured to attend in order to curry favor with the coaches.

I would also imagine that there will actually be waivers that the players have to sign in order to relieve the various teams from legal problems that could emerge from this if something were to go wrong.

Coaches will not be allowed to attend these sessions and it will only be the strength and conditioning teams - which suggests to me that there won't actually be any football drills at all, but just a lot of running and lifting weights.

The SEC is returning to the same type of practice a week earlier on June 8th. This is not limited to just football as it was announced that other sports (men and women) are returning to voluntary practice on certain dates in June.


It was announced by the NCAA last week that they had approved limited practice to resume as early as June 1 but was leaving it up to the individual conferences and also individual schools as to whether or not they wish to do so. It is completely voluntary for all people involved.

This is good news for sports fans who love college football (I personally prefer it to pro football) because this is a good sign that the country is "gearing up" to start football season on time in the fall.

Let's hope so. I don't even know what I would use my TV for in the later part of the year if there is no football season.

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whatever it takes to get some variety on the TV. I didn't become the Netflixr until we had no sports to watch.

tell me about it. Netflix is on heavy rotation in my place as well. It's a conspiracy I tell you! They are redirecting our sports money towards streaming services!

This is fantastic news. Hopefully there are no missteps because the media would just LOVE to name and shame anyone they possibly can for daring to step outdoors. Doom and gloom is all they seem to produce these days.

I think you are right and I too hope that they manage to not have any instances of that happening or we will probably go back into the no sports zone.

I sure hope ACC teams get a chance to play too. Got 4 teams in NC we can try to catch this season if they allow spectators or not. We already know what they plan to do with the NFL so going to Panthers games early season may be a no go.

what team is your favorite NC team? I would like to say ECU but they have been pretty terrible in the past years.

LOL i forget that ECU exists sometimes. Most family members went to NC State so i always been a state fan. Wake Forrest is ok and they are only 20 minutes away from where i live. Hate duke with a passion. So sick of the team being in the spotlight being so dam good. Not sure why that bothers me. And then there is UNC where they rival NC state. While it's a sin to pull for them they are not that bad in basketball. Football on the other hand all the teams suck except for Appalachian.

Who would have ever thought that anyone would be sitting here talking about how Ap State is the only good NC football team. If you could go back in time 20 years and say that they would EVER be a good football team you would have gotten laughed out of the room.

I miss the good' ol days of the ECU NC State rivalry. It isn't much of a fun rivalry when both teams are awful and any showdown is just to see who sucks the least.