Covid testing for UFC fighters

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This is not applicable to the entire roster of everyone that fights for UFC currently but instead it is, without much of a surprise, being applied to all of the people that are participating in the UFC 249 Pay per view that is taking place on May 9th, 2020.


If you are like me, you are thrilled that this event is going forward at all and are also a little bit concerned about how exciting it will be with the complete absence of a crowd at the upcoming event in Florida.

We don't exactly have a lot to choose from in the sports world right now so I think that Dana White's decision to make this thing happen no matter what is a really wise choice on his part. I just hope that it isn't too successful or else they may choose to have them all like this.


It is a strange time for White and the others involved because a lot of the fighters have very controlled diets, training schedules, and fight training that leads up to a purse-fight like this one. The rules have all changed though because after they get their covid-19 testing, all fighters will be restricted from training, or even meeting with any other trainers. If you ask me this is over-reaction on the part of the UFC and really anyone involved but I am certain that UFC is interested in not getting shut down so that they can continue to do this, should the "insanity" surrounding this virus continue.

According to, once the fighters have been tested, even the meals the fighters have made for them must be delivered by people that the fighters themselves never have any contact with. They have introduced a lot of temperature taking as well, which i find personally to be extremely silly seeing as how the people that are in the kind of shape that a UFC fighter is in, would be really likely to be asymptomatic anyway.

I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.

For me, I am still remaining very enthusiastic about the fact that we are finally going to have some fights to watch, including 2 title bouts come next Sunday.

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