Dr. Fauci throws first pitch of the season and wow...

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...is it embarrassing.

I understand that not everyone in the world has a strong pitching arm, and pitching isn't necessarily something that just anyone can do. Take myself for example, for some reason I was just never good at fielding in baseball and this resulted in baseball being basically the only sport I didn't excel at. I could hit, sure, but man did I have a weak arm. This didn't make any sense because I was excellent at football (the American kind) and had one hell of an arm in that one. So why was my arm so weak in baseball? I have no idea and it was a long time ago.


So forget about Fauci's covid stuff for a minute and just remember that he is no spring chicken either. He is nearly 80 years old and it would be crazy for us to expect him to be able to throw a fastball. However, this first pitch is beyond terrible and honestly, we should all consider ourselves and consider Fauci lucky that no fans were allowed at the game.


The pitch wasn't even close to home-plate and Fauci did not request a "do-over" which is something they don't normally let people do anyway. I would have thought that maybe they would have let him do a few practice throws in the back before coming out there.

There were some pretty funny comments on Twitter such as

Ouch! It looks like Dr. Fauci's baseball is trying to social distance from home plate


After that first pitch I would tell Fauci to stick to science but he doesn’t know what he’s doing there, either.

I gotta say that this is difficult to watch but I have still watched it 12 times or so. The man claims to be a "huge fan" of baseball but that was some pretty terrible form pal. I'm not going to challenge him on any of his scientific opines, but I'm gonna have to call BS on being a "huge baseball fan."

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This shit was hilarious

hard to watch that. I don't really have an opinion on Fauci but for some reason he reminds me of the evil guy in Raiders of the lost arc who tries to steal the medallion and ends up burning his hand really bad.

i don't even like baseball but this is very funny. Kind of makes me feel bad for the guy.

i try to not get wrapped up in politics but isn't it funny how Fauci, despite working for Trump, is seen as one of the lefties and therefore they didn't spend really any time focusing on this. If some right oriented person had done this he or she would be relentlessly mocked for weeks.

I heard he was trying to throw a curveball, but that may have just been an excuse after the fact. I wonder if dude has thrown anything in the past 20 years... that form was just outstandingly bad.