Drew Brees is a racist now because .... i can't even finish that sentence

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The United States is absurd right now.... If a person, even if they are rich, famous, and exceptionally talented like Drew Brees is, than they are going to be under exceptional scrutiny because they have committed a terrible sin of being white.

When pressed for an answer to a question that he clearly did not want to address Brees was very non-committal to a question about "taking a knee" with Kaepernick, who hasn't been a useful quarterback for over a decade. When Brees responded not in 100% agreement with the aggressive interviewers, they were always going to roast him.

When Drew was asked an obiously loaded question designed to get him in trouble about a quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) who hasn't played actual football for a very long time Brees responded in a way that was very patriotic when he said "I will..."never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America,""...

I want you to keep in mind that this was a response to a question from a reporter based on a completely hypothetical situation in an upcoming season that we are not even certain is going to happen or not yet because of the silly shut-down laws that exist in america. It was a question not about something that happened a long time ago, but rather about a situation that MAYBE would happen in a season that MAYBE will happen in the future (we hope)


Because Brees didn't immediately say "Black Lives Matter" or whatever they were hoping for, the media attacked him, especially because he showed some form of faith and patriotism towards the country that he is a citizen of.

I hate to put a bit of politics into sports but this is just awful that they appear to have gone after him, because he is white (most of the QB's in NFL are) and attempt to make him look bad because he doesn't immediately cower to whatever the hell it is that they want him to say.


No on has even been talking about sports for a while because there aren't any going on except UFC and silly soccer over in Europe at the moment. They made this interview why? Why are they trying to make Saints football about race?

Brees is actually a QB that I dislike but not because of any superficial media fabricated crap like this. I hate him because he is an excellent QB and is often playing for a team that beats my team. When i hear and see this garbage that is going on right now I can't help but think that the people who are in charge of this are TRYING to create a race war.

I think the wise thing for anyone to do right now would be to completely avoid the media if they are in the public eye, especially if they are white.

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yeah i saw that, and then he immediately backtracked. I don't know when or how being patriotic somehow became racist, but it did.

yeah you gotta be careful going against the Twitter outrage mob. It really is insane how anyone with an even slightly conservative voice is immediately attacked by everyone online.

i've found that people i know that use Twitter tend to be more annoyingly "woke" than people that don't.

I don't even have a twitter account and seeing as how everyone gets so worked up about it, I'm glad that I don't have one. i dont understand the point.