Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski was BORING

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To be fair a lot of the fights at 245 were boring. Nunes, who normally batters her opponents spent the entire time on the ground doing very little in the way of damage. Moraes and Aldo was also boring and I feel as though Aldo, although basically he didn't do anything either, got robbed of the victory.

However, the top snoozefest of the night was a title fight between Boring Max Holloway and Boring Alex Volcano


The above image is one of maybe 4 or 5 punches that actually landed in this thing. I don't know what these guys were doing out there, but it didn't seem like anyone was really going for it. Max Holloway is normally electrifying in his bouts but he was so overly concerned with defense that it didn't seem like he could be bothered to try to do any offense.

The two just kept chasing one another and playing "paddy-cake" to judge distance and then swing at air not really even close to their opponent. There were zero takedowns and only 4 attempts on the part of Volkanovski (and I think the statisticians are being very generous calling 2 of those sloppy half-assed stumbles"takedown attempts." )


The above is how 90% of the fight went down. Well out of striking range for anything other than a little flick to the knee. I don't know exactly what constitutes a "significant strike" but Volkanovski won because he had more of them and most of them were to the legs.

There was only 3 f**king strikes in the clinch because neither of these guys were willing to close the distance to turn this thing into an actual fight.

Of course there were no strikes on the ground because these guys barely touched one another and frequently spend the match a meter and a half away from each other touching gloves... over.... and over.... It looked like dance competition moreso than a championship fight.

About round 3 I stopped watching the fight altogether as did everyone else in the bar. I feel as though most pay-per-views are like this. The top cards and especially the title fights have an incredible propensity to end up being boring AF.

Of course Volkanovski is the NEW champ and I certainly hope he can get his shit together to actually put on a show the next time and for the love of everything holy I hope it doesn't end up being a Holloway rematch.

I'd love to blame all of this on Max Holloway but it takes 2 to make a five-round fight this boring and both parties are equally responsible.

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