MLS player released for comments his wife made on Instagram

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Has the racism witch hunt gone too far? Well, the mob mentality and search for something to bitch about that exists in many people in the social media game kind of ensured that it always would but what about when consequences are extended to people who didn't actually do anything, but are simply related to someone who did? Is that fair? Is that right?


He had only played 2 games with the L.A. Galaxy before Covid shut everything down and since it is MLS, I didn't even know that he was playing for them, or even who he is because it is soccer. Aleksandar Katai is a midfielder that showed real promise with the for assisting the front line including Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and Cristian Pavón - those names I actually do know.

The LA Galaxy released a statement today saying that the club and Katai have mutually parted ways which is a fun way of saying we gave him some money to move on so that we could save face with the vocal minority who decided to attack him online over something he didn't even do.

So what happened?

Aleksandar Katai is guilty by association since his wife "Tea" posted support for USA police on her Instagram and said (in Serbian) that she wanted police to kill the protesters and referred to them as disgusting cattle. She made no mention of race but was immediately labeled as a racist. This is to be expected, but then, since she herself is not famous the outrage mob decided to go after Aleksander instead. Even though it wasn't his account, he didn't even know it happened, and he publicly disavowed his own wife's posts once he was made aware of them, that wasn't enough for the mob.


That is one of the IG posts of hers and basically it is shouting that she wants the police to kill the protesters.

I'm sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way as Tea, perhaps to a lessor degree and personally I don't think it is wise to say that sort of shit in public, even if it is how you feel. However, I also don't think it is right for the mob to attempt to destroy her husband's career when he didn't even have anything to do with what happened.

I would imagine that this cost the Galaxy a lot of money because they no doubt have a contract with Katai and being dismissed for something your relatives did is probably not part of the "causes for dismissal" in said contract.

What do you think? Should stars be held accountable for what family members or even close friends put online? Because if you do think so I have a hard time understanding where the line gets drawn. How many degrees of separation does there need to be before it is too far?

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If am being honest a lot of things have been taken too far since the protests started. I hope he bounces back stronger. Also hope he sues

yeah, but it is LA. Unless you are a POC you really gotta watch your ass over there. It is extremely stupid that they would go after someone for something he didn't even do though, he should sue.

You can't be responsible for other people's action but when the crowd wants to cause trouble, they don't care who's name is being dragged into the the mud.

This guy has paid a high price and his wife should have known better. Now she knows. Even though free speech should be allowed, there is a cost to pay, exactly what's happened here.

I bet they had a big fight when he came home.

Crazy. Imagine if you were Trump and said the same thing... oh wait...

ridiculous. The twitter people are a bit of a crazy bunch... they even turn on their own for not being "woke" enough like how they constantly go after the author of the Harry Potter books.