Panthers draft no offense at all

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It's hard to know what is going on in a coach's mind sometimes and when we look at brand new coach Matt Rhule, I want to believe that the new head coach of my favorite NFL team has some sort of method to his madness.


There is a saying in football about how the team with the best defense is going to win, although it might not be the prettiest of victories. It appears as though that is what the Carolina Panthers are going for as they look to the future of the program. They made NFL history yesterday when they used all 7 of their draft picks for defensive players.

They took two defensive tackles and one defensive end adding 3 fresh faces to their defensive line. Then there’s two safeties and two cornerbacks, which should be a huge boost to the Panther's secondary.

Perhaps I just don't know as much as I like to think that I do about sports, but with all the hooplah surrounding the release of Cam Newton on the 24th of March, I thought that we might see some level of focus being paid to the QB slot, which will now be filled presumably by Terry Bridgewater or perhaps even Phil Walker.


There is no denying that Cam Newton is one of the greats of the sport, but in his past two seasons he has become increasingly problematic for the management at Carolina, frequently butting heads with top management and being very public about his disdain for the ownership. He was also reaching the "sell by date" for QB's as he was starting to become injury prone. Many people would attribute this to problems with the offensive line, which makes the decision to draft exactly zero offensive players a bit more of a dubious decision.

I suppose it remains to be seen if we are even going to have an NFL season this year, thanks to our annoying pal corona-virus, but if these defensive plans don't pan out for Carolina, I think fans like me have another season of moaning to look forward to.

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