There's no sports to watch, how about a sport movie?

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There are a lot of great sports movies out there and for those of us who live and breathe sports we are kind of at a loss for what to do with our time these days. I prefer the American football oriented movies but there are a few out there that are about other sports that appeal to me and one of them is actually a "chick flick" of sorts that successfully transitioned into something that I think your average sports fan will genuinely enjoy also.


That's right! A figure skating movie that turns into a love story! I am sure you can figure out exactly what is going to happen in this one but it isn't the gripping ending that makes this movie worth seeing, it is the path taken to get there that is so engaging.

The story is that a star NHL player suffers a career-ending injury that leaves him with a blind spot in his vision. He tries to carry on but this inability to see in his peripherals makes it impossible. He somehow gets roped into doing pairs figure skating partnered up with a snobby, ultra-rich girl who is an extreme diva unaccustomed to working with "working class" people. They have zero chemistry and the hockey player has to work really hard to gain the ability to perform, and his partner's trust and eventual admiration.

I will admit that some of my admiration for this film is that I had a thing for relatively unknown actress Moira Kelly in the 90's but even if it weren't for her the story here just kind of works.

For sports fans searching for something to fill that void during this lockdown phase of the Corvid thinger, I think "The Cutting Edge" may surprise you in how entertaining it is. You don't even need to enjoy figure skating, which I do not.

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