Introducing @Sportsburn, An Economic Pillar Of Sportstalk Token.

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I fully remember last year when @jk6276 first built a bonfire for sports token. He was doing it alone then and was trying to canvas for more vote for people to join, also telling all who cares to listen that every reward earned from that post goes to @null. Remembering @ritxi who also proposed more sink for the outrageous token supply in Are you worried about SPORTS tokens falling price? BURN some of them!. @uyobong once made mention of burning the token too and pledged for any program that plans to do that.

As times goes on, the program didn't continue and the dipping price of sports went from $0.015 to what it is now $0.00004, that the once loved token on tribes which is the sports token could reach this level is no thanks to the stagnant innovations and no update about the project. But now, everyone is gearing up to a new beginning.

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Join me to welcome @sportsburn. An account that is solely concerned with burning Sports each day. The following are the works of this account.


  1. Every Hive, HBD earned each day on this post is use to buy more Sports from Hive-engine thereby giving the token a healthy buy/sell order wall that is presentable to investors because we are seeing a decline in the number of users who want to buy the token while sellers are very many. The sports are sent to null. Presently, out of the +100 billion token in circulation, only 800,000+ has been burned, which is very low. If we ever want to be serious with this, more sink, use cases or avenue has to be created far more than what is offered in Sports Burn Plan by @sportstalksocial.

  2. Each day, a record is made on the previous day token that was sent to null and a proper account which is giving a summation of tokens burn is given.

  3. The automatically staked sports is powered down after one month of this account existence and all sports there are also sent to @NULL in addition to the previous day burn.

  4. The staked Hive Power is also powered down after the HP has reached 50HP, every Hive got from there is sent to the market to buy more Sports which inturn is sent to the null.

  5. This account is not independent of itself, it is under the guidance of the owner of Sportstalksocial @patrickulrich and the referees.

What We Are Aiming For

  1. We aim to surpass the threshold of what @sportstalksocial is doing, which is a total of +800,000 Sports With the help of every user here, we plan to have 1.5 million sent to null by the end of the first week. Which total +4 million in the first month of burning, at least for a start.

  2. To canvas for vote all over the sportstalk platform for big account holders to add this account on there autovote, thereby increasing the payout and also increasing the amount of Hive, HBD, HP and Sports generated.

  3. To be a one of the pillar of economic change to the Sports market value.

We are hoping you will join us on the one drop that makes a big difference journey to save our token from going into oblivion.

PS: So many development are on the way for the platform.



This is interesting. I'll gladly give 100% votes daily. I hope there should be a good integration in the OCD incubation to earn some tangible HIVE upvotes for buying out of SPORTS off the market.

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