German Football Cup - Kaiserslautern surprises with Victory

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Miracle in Kaiserslautern

The famous 1. FC Kaiserslautern - currently playing in the third division of German Football did beat Bundesliga team Mainz 05 and moves into the 2nd cup round - woohoo - a little miracle indeed but we are happy in the region! A curious penalty kick brings the Red Devils victory.

After the cup blasphemy, the players of FSV Mainz 05 made their way to the fans, but after a few steps they turned around again, maybe because of fear? The Mainz supporters ignited pyrotechnics during the match, a banner burned down. The police marched up, the fire brigade was in action.

Also the defeat on the Betzenberg was disappointing for the Bundesliga club after a dominating first half but they missed to score some goals.

Mainz 05 better at first

Team manager Sandro Schwarz had only ordered one new player into the starting line-up. His team was clearly the better squad in the initial phase. Robin Quaison failed freestanding against goalkeeper Lennart Grill. Kaiserslautern had a major respect towards their neighbour city. But after 25 minutes the Red Devils got better and already with a few good actions they managed to get their frenetic followers behind them. The atmosphere impressed the guests visibly, they lost their line.

Kaiserslautern kept the game open at the beginning of the second half, but Karim Onisiwo and Jean-Paul Boetius had two good chances for Mainz (57./58.). Shortly afterwards, referee Felix Zwayer (Berlin) whistled a highly controversial penalty for the hosts after a duel between FCK striker Timmy Thiele and Mainz defender Stefan Bell. Actually, Thiele was more likely to foul Bell than the other way around. Even more curious was the hit. FSV goalkeeper Florian Müller had basically parried Stark's weak shot, but the ball still trickled into the goal.

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