Munich to host Champions League final 2022?

in sportstalk •  10 months ago 

Ten years after the lost final against Chelsea - Munich apparently gets Champions League final 2022

Would be huge news for ther cityI live in! But also not a surprising one - but the media tends to make that option a sensation - well they have to do their storytelling of course!

But now - it is based on AP news lol

But still - ten years after the "Drama dahoam" which I attended another great opp for the city itself - the CL Final 2012 took place in Munich which was a lovely party in the entire city, the local club "Bayern" lost even they played good (no more ad for them as I do not like the club but have to admit they were better as Chelsea in that match).

As reported by the Associated Press, referring to "two people with knowledge of the trial", the 2021 finals will initially be held in the 68,000-seat stadium of Zenit St. Petersburg. In the following year it will be Munich's turn.

It would be the tenth anniversary of the last Champions League final, which took place in the Allianz Arena: At that time, FC Bayern had lost dramatically in the penalty shoot-out against FC Chelsea.

In 2023, the winner of the premier class will once again be determined at Wembley Stadium. The fans of FC Bayern will also remember this place, where they had won the final against league competitor Borussia Dortmund one year after the "Drama dahoam" thanks to Arjen Robben's late goal.

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