Delegation Enabled for SPORTS

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We are happy to announce that stake delegation has been enabled for the SPORTS token. This will allow any user with staked SPORTS tokens to delegate the benefit of their tokens to another account. This can then be revoked at any time allowing you to return the delegated SPORTS back to your control 7 days later. We feel this is going to open a wide range of new possibilities including some things we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

How to delegate

1.) Visit and head into your wallet.

2.) Make sure you have staked SPORTS tokens. Staked balances are shown to the right before the information button.

3.) Click the delegate button that looks similiar to this <->

4.) Assign the user who you want to receive and how many tokens you want to delegate to them

5.) Sign the transaction with your Steem keys


It's good to hear that! I hope there will be more innovations for this platform for the next coming days. Let's keep this community up and give honor to the world of Sports!

This is great news! Seeing improvements all the time!

Perfecto!! Love the progress this platform is making so far so good

Beautiful one, thank you for the beautiful work... Sportstalksocial continue to grow massively.

What i want to ask is that how long will it take to undelegate back to the original account. How many days

Excellent question and meant to have that included in the post. It takes 7 days to come back to the original account.

Does it mean - FULL delegated amount returns in 7 days ?

I like it !

This is really great. I was waiting for this.
Thank you.

Wow. This is great to hear about i must say

@sportstalksocial, Great addition and definitely it will going to boost the Curation Ecosystem. Keep up team and keep growing.

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That's fantastic news! I had staked a small number of tokens to my main steem account and was going to unstake them so I could transfer them to this account, but thanks to the delegation I have canceled the unstaking and delegated them across. Great stuff! Keep up the great work! :)

Welcome bro

This will take the community to a whole new level... This is great news m. Keep them coming

It is a nice function to support others.

That's another very positive step mate. It will hopefully encourage more people to use the platform when they can receive delegations to get them started off.
Thanks again for all the hardwork. Onwards ad Upwards :-)

out of the gates running...this is goooood especially after such a dismal time

you are doing a great job in a short time ... congratulations and thanks, we needed sportstalk, sport is the engine of life

Love Sportstalk Social. Finally a real place where i can read and talk about my favorite sports!

Same here! Being here makes me feel like i'm at home.

I will utilize this function to my community here in Uganda 🇺🇬 to the new folks I will be introducing to Sports.

I am happy that sports came around, all my friends who had given up on Steemit are now back hehehe...kudos team

Hahah... we are back meeeeeen

Welcome back hahaha

Appreciated the warm welcome :)

That's some great news!!!
can I ask why does the undelegation process takes up to 9 months
9 transactions, 1 per month.

It takes 7 days:)

Yeah that's the unstaking process. That's if you want to turn SPORTS Power back to liquid SPORTS.

Can we please get some AirDrop?

Thanks for the new feature! :-D

Awesome news!

Great news! I am eager to see the new updates that come in the following weeks, greetings ..

Me too...seems like the upcoming updates will be the bomb :D

Of course, my expectations are very high with sportalsocial!


Sweet, I think this is a cool move for sportstalk which could make for great curation. We could either piggyback of something like a helpie or we could create our own curation groups with say all football lovers delegating to sportstalkfooty account for curation. Ah so much fun with these new tribe ain't it?

I totally agree with you.This is so much fun man. Very excited for the future.

Awesome stuff. I am already taking advantage of this. Cheers guys!!

That's great! It will open new opportunities that make this platform better! SportsTalkSocial is growing pretty fast. Way to go, @sportstalksocial!

Sir, how much is the minimum token that can be delegated?

You can delegate up to the amount you have staked yet undelegated to any other users.

Oh I see. Thank you so much for the information.

Sir, how much is the
Minimum token that can
Be delegated?

                 - maki07

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for the new development on #Sportstalk 🏑

Waiting for it, right on time.

Excellent Token Town loves this!

Amazing... It is nice to have this stake delegation support for SPORTS tokens. Thanks. ✍

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Perfect - glad to see progress and updates happening frequently here already.

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The delegation feature is critical to bring the ecosystem more fun and more rewards for the community members. :)

one does not have to miss the opportunity to be around when all those remarkable things are happening in the sports community. I am happy to be part of the people making history. thanks for all the work you are doing behind the scenes.

Good work! Thank you! I've time...whoever wants to delegate to me...i will send him a big part of the rewards

if someone wants to delegate to me be my guest ahah

Epic, now as fans we can protect our categories and sports with having curation accounts and flagging accounts with enough power to keep our playing fields clean and rewarding those who play by the rules

Thats awesome!

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