Referee Elections and Upcoming Changes

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The referee system has now been in place for roughly two months. This program has been an overwhelming success with spam and abuse being dealt with regularly. That being said there were issues with the system pointed out very early in its existence. We are happy to announce we have a solution for these that we feel will empower the #sportstalk community while still allowing for regular abuse prevention.

The main issue we had was that referees had been only selected by a single person. This leads to an issue where the group is primarily only users that one person had vetted which limited who served. This leads to a lower participation rate and other issues like language barriers between the referee team and our users. This is not to mention that it leaves full control in one person’s hands when it comes to removing who is serving as a referee and replacing them.

Fortunately we have a solution that will still allow a team to serve as our referees but they will no longer have one person deciding who serves in these roles. We believe that power should belong to the community. That’s why starting on December 1, 2019 the referee team will begin to be selected by an election held within the community.

Referee Role

Referees serve the role of combating abuse within the #sportstalk ecosystem. If they downvote a piece of content then that means they feel that it violated our community’s guidelines for some reason and that it’s rewards should be removed.

If a post is visited by multiple referees then action begins to happen. If five referees downvote a post that will trigger a downvote from @referee. @referee currently has 10M SPORTS Power to curb abuse and will be able to substantially remove a post’s rewards. This system allows for what can be best described as MPoB or better multi proof of brain.

The Election

To decide who will serve as our next 9 referees we’ve created a new system on the Steem blockchain that will record votes on chain to track referee approvals. Each user will be able to head over to where they can cast 1 vote for who they’d like to become the next referee. Once their vote is cast the total of their SPORTS POWER will be assigned to their selected candidate. (This does not affect your usage of SPORTS voting and is simply for voting within the @referee system.)

As December 1st approaches we will take a snapshot of the voting and the top 9 accounts based on SPORTS POWER votes will become the next SportsTalk Referees. These referees will then serve for roughly two weeks with the election snapshots being taken on the 1st and 15th of each month to determine if referees will be replaced with newly elected accounts.

How To Vote

Voting is handled on chain via json entries within the Steem blockchain. Casting your ballet is as simple as just 5 easy steps.

1.) Vist
2.) Click ‘Vote’ on the top menu
3.) Enter your Steem account name
4.) Enter the name of the account you’d’ like to vote for
5.) If you have Steem Keychain, or a compatible wallet, installed then you will be able to cast your vote via a Keychain prompt. If you do not have Keychain installed or are visiting from a device where keychain isn’t available then the system will create a Steemconnect link for you to sign to your account.

It may take a moment for your vote to show on the website. We’ve set the website to refresh the data feed every so often so if you don’t immediately see your vote populating you should be able to check back in a few minutes to see it recorded.

Ready to Serve?

Anyone can serve as a referee. It first takes the community of SPORTS holders to approve you but other than that there’s little it takes to register to become one. Before seeking votes we have a few suggestions we’d like to provide that will help referees be successful in their roles.

The first suggestion is to use an account you can perform the duties with. Being a referee requires you to issue many downvotes within the same day thus burning a lot of voting power just for downvotes. Since referees are just signaling accounts for @referee most users will want to create a new account to run for referee.

We also think it will be wise for referees to create a post using the tag #electref that details what they view as abuse. This will go a long way towards helping the community know who is running but also what they are running for. It will also help the community know to vote for one account over voting for your traditional Steem account.

Penalty Box

With the changes to a dynamic group of referees we've temporarily removed the penalty box as a referee responsibility. This will be something we review in the future to see if it can be added back in to support their mission.


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it is really great update, i go to site for cast the upvote

The election process needs to be refined. Allowing confirmed plagiarists and persistent supporters of plagiarism to hold the post of referee is a joke

Hey mate - you get my full support, who is the one that is a confirmed plagi guy?

That's a great observation

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If you are not happy with the referees you can always buy more sports and vote them out of the list.

EDIT: I don't disagree with you that know plagiarists and persistent supporters of plagiarism shouldn't be in that list. ;)

Better yet, I'm running myself

I have to say that the idea of investing my own money to fix someone else's broken system doesn't really appeal to me :-)

True, even i agree that. Why should we invest just to make the system better. It's our responsibility only to give suggestion.

If they don't agree, it a lots to platform itself. There will be no meaning of selecting these refree.

How is the system broken? Anyone can buy SPORTS and stake them and then vote for their favourite referee. Anyone has the same chance to be elected.

But what if they will select a refree, who himself involve in vote abuse and palagiarism

lol referees, penalty boxes, ur developing a sports sand box where the rules of games and game theory will define our existence, we will need sports tokens to pass the presidential fitness test and highschools will get sports tokens to pay their students for PE and gym class....but ull be able to buy stuff with sports at a store we can setup to sell sports equipment we buy for bulk cheap on amazon, resell at minor profit,m but inb sports. let kdis SAVE Up to get stuff like in school fundraisers where u got teh magazine of prizes u could get!

Thats a very good steps taken by the team.

Unless and until we will stop spammers, there will be very less chance that the platform will become popular.

Wonderful. I went to the site and cast the vote!

Sportstalk is only valid untill 2020, so I am little worried if they run the site in future or not as I have invested about 200USD in this site.

What do you mean by "Sportstalk is only valid until 2020"? In case you mean the domain name registration: Most domains are renewed each and every year. Usually about a month before they would expire. While it is technically possible to register .com domains for periods up to 10 years in advance that is not really that common.

Ohh I see. Thanks for clarification.

This is an awesome initiative that allows community participation and truly helps us to uphold the decentralized value we identify with.

When listing sports in more exchange? And also, burn some token. Cos the value of Sports is too low as there are too much in circulation.

Check the recent post they made about the burn initiative :)

I am not able to access the voting site - server down?

While this is a great idea. I hope we are going to see a simular action to promote great posts! Posts with an opinion, not just posting results of games. Post with a personal preview of a game and not just a list of game which are going to be played.
Only these kinds of posts do have a change to get ranked higher on the search engines. These kinds of post will attract new users and so on...

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