SPORTS Burn Plans

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The SPORTS community is starting to see lots of new tokens being distributed into the ecosystem. To help provide a means of allowing these tokens to leave the ecosystem we have decided to implement a number of new features that will help burn tokens. This should make each of the remaining tokens more useful due to its increased scarcity.

Ways We Burn

1.) Promoted Posts

You may have noticed that shows a 'Promote' button on each post. If you promote your post it becomes visible under the 'Promoted' level. Additionally your promoted post appears within trending and hot as a promoted post. Any funds that are paid for this service will soon be sent to @null thus burning them from being used again.

2.) SPORTS Account Post Rewards

I have to give @steem.leo the credit for this idea. There are a number of SPORTS related accounts that will post news about the platform that are managed by the SPORTS team. This means you will now be able to upvote these posts to receive curation rewards on it but the author rewards will be removed from the system. The current accounts that will be participating in this activity are:


3.) Creation of @sportsvoter Steem Voting Service [Upcoming]

We are seeking the community's views on the creation of a new tool to begin burning a substantial number of SPORTS tokens. By utilizing @postpromoter / @steem-eng's community promotion service we will be able to allow users to pay SPORTS for an upvote from @sportsvoter. 95% of the SPORTS paid will be sent to @null while the remaining 5% will be paid to @postpromoter / @steem-eng for operating the service. This should become available soon.

Seeking Comments on Changing Inflation Distribution

There are currently around 1B new SPORTS distributed each year onto the market for users providing content and curation to the community. We are exploring lowering this distribution by 20% to introduce a new distribution to anyone delegating Steem Power to @sportsvoter. By encouraging this behavior we will drastically increase the number of SPORTS that are able to be burned every 2.4 hours since this incentive would hopefully provide a larger STEEM upvote from @sportsvoter and thus more tokens can be burned as promoted payments.


Good to read the article about burning SPORTS.

Concerning @sportsvoter, we might need some incentives to encourage the SP delegation to @sportsvoter.

In my exploration, there are three successful steem-engine token-based voting bots, namely,, @sct.voter, and @steemmonsters, which have been delegated approximately 700k SP, 1.2M SP, and 650k SP respectively. All of these bots provide some incentives to delegators, then it led to a successful delegation of a huge amount. I carefully think we should do that, too.

I understand that Sports Team already has some great ideas about it.
Thanks for your hard work.

That was my thought as well @rokyupjung. My hope is that offering a decent amount of SPORTS token distribution towards SP holders will encourage their participation. This will be slightly different from others platforms in that these tokens are distributed via token inflation vs from bids. We will instead offer more burning towards the platform by allowing all bids to be destroyed.

Do you happen to know the amounts that, @sct.voter and @steemmonsters pays to delegators? I would imagine its a percentage of fees but I'm not familiar enough to know their payouts.


I think you start slow and see its impact before explore other involving changing inflation. This that happen has been an interesting route and is bound to come with challenges and being that that is the case, i feel we should take up the challenge and approaches solutions that aren't generic. A steemleo solution may not necessary be the direct solution for a sportstalk with its own inflation model. It is a good option though but i feel you should explore others, experiment with new stuff etc I feel blockchain plays a more powerful role as a mentality adjuster than as a reward distributor. I feel we shouldn't be sway and use the current pool as inspiration to incite growth. powered up token should be what it is, more of 'influence' and 'true influence' than just reward distributor. This means apply power to stir growth, so that the pool has more spread. With the masses tokens burn faster too. Recent move with actifit is a step. It is still earn, allow for a flow. take it as an experiment and an experiment doesn't really get to fail. I have started the motion via marlians. Growth there translate into sportstalk. I know the voice of the community and everyone talks about sportstalk. Perhaps target account claims and joint account claims and target growth in masses using poweredup tokens. plus curation efforts should involve directional comments to adjust the mentality and create 'true fans. this can be done jointly, with simply things as a posts that allows people to send in curation comments and burn can result from there. there more sinks than the generic. there is a lot one can explore. i think what has happened on sports can trigger steem growth as whole and perhaps an overall improvement on steem signs ups or joint rc. with sports momentum and directional curation etc, people can even pay 2 usd for sign-ups to steem, with a lil mentality adjustment and this can all be driven by votes, but not just vote, timely votes etc and joint movement involve a large bulk of us

I agree that SPORTS are completely a token of content curation vs reward distribution. That being said my fear is that if a token doesn't have scarcity then it becomes so invaluable that content can not be properly valued due to spammers having the opportunity to pass through spam without a cost of acquisition.

♥️ Good update, well 👆👌♣️

Thank you @zua-khan!

♥️ ♥️

Waoh, long live this community, this, to me is a perfect plan, and it will really help the platform a lot of way.

Thank you for the support @botefarm. It's good to see the community behind the plans.

Very good news about sportstalksocial, leo and overall, best of luck 🤞

Thank you for the kind encouragement @teposultan!

Oh wow! Burning tokens from official accounts is really a gamble to the part of the management as it can be a source of income for future developments and the compensation from the team behind it.

It's an amazing dedication and a for sure a positive impact to the Sportstalk economy.

I also have a question : Do you also plan to add the Steem Worker Proposal System that will soon happen on HF21? As a newbie I stumbled upon that and took time to absorb its function. I think that will be a great addition for future sportstalk development.

The hope is that by burning all of the tokens that everyone's tokens become more valuable. This should hopefully provide growth for the platform at large but also increase the worth our stakes to provide the services the community needs.

We would love to have a system similar to Steem's proposed Worker Proposal System. It will definitely be on the list of items for us to explore but for now it's not in the immediate future.

Thanks for the note! And thanks for the communication :)

I hope it gets reduced so the depreciation of the token is contained

I agree. Too much of a constant supply could devalue to the point of no spam control.

I like the improvements. Hope most people see value in sports and stake it for a long term . Good luck to us all and let the SPORTS be with you :)

Thank you @splines and may the SPORTS be with you too!

It gladdens me to see some planning to improve our ecosystem, things are going to improve for sure. Any help you need feel free to ask mate. We are a community hence we must help each other. Regards!

Thank you @jonsnow1983! This platform has been an incredible collaboration of so many efforts that I can't say thank you to all the people who are helping us grow.

There are a number of SPORTS related accounts that will post news about the platform that are managed by the SPORTS team. This means you will now be able to upvote these posts to receive curation rewards on it but the author rewards will be removed from the system

This a great move from you guys and also the burning promoted post tokens is great.

I also love the work @sportsmod is doing by cleaning up the space, I commented there and will repeat it here, promote that post so that many people see it so that they can change!!!

Great work you guys are doing, kudos.

Thank you for the kind words. Let's see where we can take this!

Okay then.

This community is going to be good!

Just wait til we have enough people to fill all the major sports with posts every day! We’re going to get huge!

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I agree! I'm blown away with how quickly communities are forming within all of the sublevels. It won't be long!

I’m looking forward to the NHL season starting so this community will be talking hockey

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Now that's the best thing that will happen with sports talk tokens

I don't know about best but I'm pretty excited for it! :P

It's great to learn about your intent about the burning of Sports tokens, I have been waiting for this move to initiate. The @sportsvoter scheme has been effective in other tribes and I believe it is being sought after by the community as well.

Thank you @sportscurator and great work on the featured posts!

A fantastic idea, my biggest concern is that 100,000 macerdi tokens are really too many, really great,

I would like to create a curation project to burn other tokens ... is it possible? who could I talk to?

Let's talk more on Discord soon!

Thank you for taking this initiative to burn SPORTS Tokens in a smart way. It will decrease the supply and have a positive impact on Demand. Go ahead, SportsTalkSocial!

Thank you for all the support @rezoanulvibes! I'm hoping this is only the beginning.

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The idea that something is happening is a good indication that the community has plans.

Yes we do! I look forward to announcing other new initiatives we'll have in the works.

I know it is a good thing talking about burning tokens but I think it should be thought out well so the time frame and duration for these burning are done accordingly.
Seeking to bring stability to the token supply through burning is a great idea but if done wrongly, it can be a burst.

Good work to the team by the way.

Thank you for the suggestions @olohimai! Thank you for all of the support!

I'm glad to see sports follow in with Leo by exploring token burn options, its going to make our investment in time and money here even more valuable and a reason to hold on to these tokens as more sinks arrive to take advantage of.

I think that another cool burn option would be to do P2P wagers. perhaps Madrid play Barca, why don't we all send tokens to a match account/smart contract and a % say 5% is burned and the rest split between fans of the winning team :P

I like the way you think! :)

Hello @sportstalksocial. I understand that this is an appetizer and that later I will delve into all these topics. And it is clear that everything that leads to consolidate this community will redound to the benefit of all.

Thank you for the support @ramonrene! I hope we bring good full course meals in the future :)

There is already a lot of spam, a post with an image or a video of the web with a line of text. Null contribution. There is also abuse of self vote in the comments.

I think it is necessary that you create a team for this purpose and burn tokens by voting in negative these post and comments with auto vote.

It sounds harsh, but there is no other efficient way to control this, unfortunately education has shown poor results when it comes to raising money easily

We're working on gathering stuff in this realm @samic.sports! I hope to have announcements soon.

Please open a discord to report abuse
It is really very annoying to see users self-vote the comments, they are granted a percentage of full vote and do not even vote the post where they comment.

We've not made an official announcement about the discord yet because we're hoping to add features before a major announcement. That being said you can still join and report at

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I can't find the discord link of

Let's see if this will work.

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I have faith in this platform. Glad to see you are copying other successful models.

I like NBA, NHL and MLB the best as far as team sports go.

Sports, movies, and games are my life pretty much.
Oh that being said is anyone doing a movies tribe yet?

Thank you for the support @twenty1! I think AAA is based on movie reviews.

Thank you for the information!

Good move here that is trying to solve and work on issues the mother blockchain always had. I might use the promote button in the near future.

Thank you @uwelang! I'm interested in watching the 'Promote' economy form. Right now I think most promotes have been profitable as it has opened eyes up to see it for curation. I wonder how that will develop.

I will use it for one of my next posts - I used it on Steem(it) but it turned to be pretty useless even before bid bots started. We will see - actually I wanted to wait until I jump over the 100k Sports tokens - hard for me to burn as it feels a bit like throwing away hard earned money -).

Thanks for engaging @patrickulrich

When supply is limited, demand goes up and value also goes up, so I don't think it's a bad idea. Hope you have something for those who might delegate when the time comes

The idea is to support SP delegation with a % of the token inflation. Currently there are 100 new tokens rewarded every block (3 seconds) with the intention of lowering this to only 80 tokens. The 20 token difference will be routed to SP delegators based on their % of the delegation pool. This will allow us to then burn 95% of all bids for votes and thus lower the supply of available tokens.

@sportstalksocial, These are appreciable steps team and in my opinion it can boost the value of Sports Token and hope that in future Sports Token will gain more value.

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hi, sorry if this is an unrelated comment/reply to this post. But I do not know who and where to ask why I am not getting any curation rewards in sportstaklksocial site. I have been voting for the past week. Thanks.

Hi, is there a discord channel? Can sports related products from steemhunt use sportstalk tag? Or is that tag abuse?

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