Ad Report (09/18/19 - 09/24/19)

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We informed everyone of the new ad placements on a little over two weeks ago. Since then we've seen the announcement that SPORTS has earned more ad revenue than the rest of the other participating tribes combined! To continue informing the tribe of our growth metrics we'll begin offering weekly updates of our website statistics and growth here.

The follow report is pulled from the ad server that the Steem Engine team uses to administer the ad system. While these numbers are generally accurate we've been told not to expect that revenue will continue to run accurately. It does not take into account the way AdSense ads will be placed. That being said this should give a solid view for where we stand as a community.

To hopefully assist for anyone outside of web marketing community with better understanding what each of the terms mean we've also detailed a brief glossary below the report. While this is certainly not intended to be all encompassing to what all of each metric means we hope this can bring members of the community a better understanding for the community's growth.


Current Website Statistics


*- Revenue is an estimated metric and is not guaranteed by the Steem Engine team. This number is based on a number of considerations not limited to extended ad partners.



Requests detail when requests an ad to be displayed from the ad server.


Impressions indicate how many people have viewed the ad. This is a key metric in tracking our site's performance in terms of how many tokens are purchased by the Steem Engine team.


This simply describes the number of times an ad has been clicked.


CTR, also known as click through rate, is the way publishers can measure their advertising campaigns. It is calculated by taking the number of clicks of an ad and dividing it by 1000. Publishers would like to see a higher number here as it details their ad is successfully being viewed.


This is what the ad server is anticipating our sites revenue to be. This number is only an estimate and is influenced on a number of outside factors.


eCPM stands for effective cost per mille. It is the amount an advertiser will pay for one thousand visitors to see it's advertisements based on the ad servers metrics.


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Good Move!!

Awesome stuff guys. As the site continues to grow and host more content it can only go up from here. WIll also become a pretty good place for sporting brands to want to advertise with direct ads. More money flowing into sports the better :P

Would be BOOM time if a company showed up to reward creators for modelling / using their products.

Lol I could do with a new pair of Adidas Copas for the new season :P Come on Sportstalk, make it happen

This is great move.. ads will bring revenue to make the project even more strong

It's astonishing to see Sportstalk prevail in the Ad revenue. Goes to show that the community was built here are hyped. Good job team, kudos!

Great work!
Thanks for sharing the data for all of the members of the community. It think it is the first case the team shared the detailed ad info among all tribes. Your doing this sharing certainly enhances trust in this community! Well done!

Steemians and investors have more confidence in SportsTalkSocial due to the way you share information with the community. Thank you for sharing this in detail.

Yeah! Great project, I love sportstalk!😃
I want ask you if e-sports are allowed!?

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thanks for sharing the stats!

If this rewards are invested on the platform or used to help content creators that post everyday, we gonna moon really soon. Go go go SportsTalk


only a hint. If you dont want lose your adsense account read the disclamer and the rulez carefully. It is forbidden to publish the stats of your adsense account in public.

Cheers from germany

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Sports is no doubt a popular domain and the related bloggers are also more in sports tribe. That is why even in a bear market, sports is doing pretty well.