Ad Report (09/25/19 - 10/01/19)

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Our estimated ad revenue is drastically down based on the ad server export. We've not confirmed with the Steem Engine team but the assumption is that this is a better defined algorithm to actual payouts. We'll work this week to confirm that and see if we can have more details for everyone next week on the drop.

We've also seen a drop in requests and impressions this week despite continued active users. Our session duration is still holding around 8 minutes and 25 seconds so I'm assuming this is more or less a better alignment of recording on the ad servers part. I don't see any indicators of a major usage drop via our analytics.



Current Website Statistics

9/289,2839,023--$.90*. 10

*- Revenue is an estimated metric and is not guaranteed by the Steem Engine team. This number is based on a number of considerations not limited to extended ad partners.


Last Week's Website Statistics


*- Revenue is an estimated metric and is not guaranteed by the Steem Engine team. This number is based on a number of considerations not limited to extended ad partners.



Requests detail when requests an ad to be displayed from the ad server.


Impressions indicate how many people have viewed the ad. This is a key metric in tracking our site's performance in terms of how many tokens are purchased by the Steem Engine team.


This simply describes the number of times an ad has been clicked.


CTR, also known as click through rate, is the way publishers can measure their advertising campaigns. It is calculated by taking the number of clicks of an ad and dividing it by 1000. Publishers would like to see a higher number here as it details their ad is successfully being viewed.


This is what the ad server is anticipating our sites revenue to be. This number is only an estimate and is influenced on a number of outside factors.


eCPM stands for effective cost per mille. It is the amount an advertiser will pay for one thousand visitors to see it's advertisements based on the ad servers metrics.


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is that adsense ? or you changed to adsense now

Hopefully hits will rise again now the steemit Inc have stopped claiming they are the source of all steem blockchain content. See @paulag’s recent posts for details.

take away for me is no big user droppage which from running out the gates is sort of the canary in the coal mine to look out's been rocky as usual in cryptoverse but consistent users and keeping things positive 'vibed' are paramount for some.
Steemit is not only NOT the source of all Steem content but the amount of success tribes are having are in part due to people sick of unfettered pissing contests. I hope the same as you and am seeing a lot of cross pollination which is a rad sign

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Lets hope it comes back up as I am for burning as many Sports tokens as possible.

wonderful performance!

Do you incent people to post directly from the nitrous like SteemLeo does? If you haven't done that already, it's a good trick to boost engagement. Also, did you get BAT approved yet?