Fastest Footballers in Todays football world.

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One of the greatest prerequisite to being a great footballer and a striker most importantly is speed. True, there are a lot of other qualities a good footbballer should have like durability, stamina, strenght, tactical abilities and fast reflexes but do you remember watching a a match where there's a sudden counter attack and the striker is left to pursue a through pass against the defenders?? Now do you remember watching a striker dashing past these defenders like they were only jogging?

There are some players who have left us gaping at how fast they can run after the ball or should I say how fast they can make the defenfers eat the dust?? Watching the AFCON Third place match between Nigeria and Tunisia made me notice a player frok Nigeria with very great acceleration who posed to ve very dangerous when attacking - MUSA.. Man was so fast, the defenders had to get him off his feet as fast as they could.

Here's the list of the top twn fastest footballers in the world.

  • Gareth Bale of Real Madrid
  • kylain Mbappe of PSG
  • Orlando Berrio of Flamengo
  • Inaki Williams of Atletico Bilbao
  • Theo Walcot of Everton
  • Leroy sane of Manchester City
  • Jamie Vardy of Leceister city
  • Patrick Van of Crystal palace
  • Moussa Sissoko of Tottenham
  • Kyle walker of Manchester City

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This is a comprehensive list of fast players, to me I think Theo Walcot of Everton is the fastest of then all @stephennevets

Really @Obest??? Theo Walcot. I'd pick Bale and Mbappe before picking him though.

Like serious, if there is one thing that has helped Bale in recent time, it is the way he sprint with the ball but i am a little bit surprised that Pedro is not on the list.

Bale is a football cheetah.... Pedro is fast.. He'd probably make the list for the top 20 fastest...

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Hmmmm, what about Osmane Dembele and Adama Traore or Even Abamayang? Even Bellerin, how can they not be on the list