How much has racing simulation games affected your driving,??

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Dashing down the asphalt like the drag from the wind was nothing, I took a sharp left turn that led me drifting into the lane in split seconds and straightened my vehicle back on the track again, this time going way faster than I ever was. I couldn not be stopped and I wasn't even gonna stop. The adrenaline rush was the cocaine.. I needed more and I was loving it.

Raging down the road like a mad bull from hell, my tires burning hut against the ground as I grinded past in maddening speed. I looked keenly at the road for obstacles and I could only see one - An old woman crossing the road.

  • If this scenario was in GTA Auto 5 ...would you??

  1. Send You car crashing to granny
  2. Hit the brakes
  3. Have been driving by the rules??

Answering my question, I would have picked sending the car crashing into granny... And yeah. I'd say "it's just a game"

But I'd like to think these little actions we do during these racing simulation games has a lot more physical and mental effect on our driving if we let it get into our heads.

First time I drove a car, I kept imagining different GTA scenarios or Asphalt 8 airborne scenarios and stunts I could do... You know, the likes of Near miss and all! Thank Goodness I usee my brain not to give in.

So.. Talk to me.. How has sports racing simulation helped or affected your actual driving?

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I'm yet to drive, but I'm sure it has improved it

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It surely has not helped. But it hasn't made it worse neither. I would say, it opened some interesting aspects of driving which I (luckily) do not try on public roads :D

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