How real is WWE

in #sportstalklast year

Judging by its name WWE - Screenshot_20190716-124143.png
World wrestling entertainment

I remember watching a match between brock lensnar and Rockstar spud. Watching the carnage Brock wrecked on Spud was a crazy sight. Blood all over and even Spuds hair was barbered off. Made me feel like WWE was a real thing..

How real is it.. It is true that they are wrestlers putting themselves in harms way to ENTERTAIN viewers. But what if they are all rehearsed... Popular opinion is that everything in the WWE world is scripted and acted out. Is this to say each champion isn't worth it or was just the selected champion of the managers?

I watched a movie recently "Fighting with my family "... centers around a girl from a family that wrestles. In this movie... Matches played in the girls family ring was all fixed... They were to act accordingly and loser was to pretend to be on the losing side.

Truly... Most games are fixed and the stunts are fake... Basically, todays wrestling in just pure entertainment at its best.. Some moves are made that we know "Yes!!! This wasn't real. Cena was just hitting his leg on the ground while pretending to hit Kane". However, some matches are real and baser on the wrestlers ability. For example, TNA's Ethan Carter 3 versus Moose.. Most of their matches are real and dependent on their abilities.

What do you feel about the credibility of the wedding of today.