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I started watching Formula 1 when I was 10 years old. My first conversation regarding F1 was with my football teammate - we were heading to the training and discussing who will take the championship title - Alonso, Kimi or Schumi. Have no idea what year that was but probably 2005.

Anyways at some point we didn't have live coverage of F1 races in Serbia, after getting to faculty it returned to the tvs but also mass online streaming media appeared - and guess what I got sucked in again.

Also, it's not all about racing, I really love the tech side of it and, oh boy, they are miles ahead of the normal world. It is basically a testing ground for all the road car technology.

Anyways, championship and racing wise in the later years F1 is boring - most of the races have been boring since introducing Turbo-Hybrid engine - still we had some gems when just the perfect conditions are met and wow! I've already shared what Clarkson thinks of it... Healthy & safety exercise. There is no pushing to the limit anymore, they save engines, fuels and they will rather settle for their 2nd/3rd place instead of charging from start to the end. No matter what - but rules are changing soon.

This year started really boring, but the last 4 races just nailed it (yes, there was rain, chaos, mercedes had problems) and kudos to Honda! Hopefully, we see Ferrari recovered after the break, Red Bull upping their game and ALBON not playing second fiddle to Max Verstappen, but rather keeping his great form and nailing the top 3 places!

Anyways, here are some videos why all the boring races are worth watching - just for several shots like these.

Anyways, one of the most thrilling race this year is definitely German GP...

Anyways. I ended up writing more about F1 - but I really love it - what I actually wanted to show you is beauty, excitement and all that tension building up in the several last laps when there is true racing on the track - and not waiting for pit stop overtakes.
so... Enjoy this epic battle - Last Lap...


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I dont know how those F1 drivers can see when the track is wet and the tires are turning up that thick mist. That's impressive that they can drive in those conditions at those speeds. Its unfortunate that the races have been boring lately. I guess you have to watch for the sometimes rare moments of excitement and hope that they are worth it.

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Can't watch any of videos :( It's F1 content and so it's banned... goddamn, they could at least only demonetize the content and not straight out ban it, or better yet, change the monetization to the F1...

I guess I'm a huge nerd, the only sports I like to watch are esports that most people don't consider sports... LoL and CSGO world championships

Hahaha... I stopped watching other people playing games long time ago, stopped playing them too. :/ not sure how and why but - that's reality. :)

It shouldn't be banned :/ usually youtube works nice, theere was an error on steemit and steempeak, but on youtube it worked fine for me.

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Sport is wide. Though I was interacting with people who loves racing like those formula 1 but I don't just know why, I find it hard interesting for me even when I tried to make it so. Kind of not just the sport my spirit picks so since childhood, I don't so much like it like that

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I have to admit in recent years the racing is not as good bar this season. I started watching back in the 80's with Senna, Mansell and the like. It is improving though and the last few race have been cracking. I think the technology has advanced to quick for itself and this means when cars another are behind then they struggle. Personally I don't think there should be restrictions on the aero and allow designed freedom to design 💯🐒