How Sophia Floersch came back from her 170mph crash | Rebels | BBC Sport

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How Sophia Floersch came back from her 170mph crash | Rebels | BBC Sport

Sophia Floersch is an 18-year-old German racing driver, who began karting in 2005. She became the first female driver and also youngest driver of three series that she competed in. She was also the youngest driver to win a Ginetta Junior race.

During the main race, in the Formula 3 World Cup 2018, she made contact with a fellow driver. This caused her car to spin round out of control, catapulting her into high speed, launching off another racer’s car, through the catch-fencing and smashing into a photographer's bunker and then after that landing back onto her wheels. Floersch was hospitalized along with another racer, two photographers and a marshal. She was diagnosed with a spinal fracture, for which she underwent a 17-hour surgery the following day, which was reported as successful.

On 14 December 2018, it was confirmed that Floersch would race again for the first time after her crash in the European F3 replacement series.

Do you think she should’ve gone back to racing?

In 2018 F3 driver Sophia Floersch almost died after her car hit a fence at 170mph during a race. It was a miracle she survived but only a year later she was back in a car, determined not to let anything get in the way of her dream of becoming the first female F1 champion.

Source: BBC Sport

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