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RE: Introducing SportsTalk.Social and SPORTS

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Finally the sports community is here. I cannot tell how happy I am!
I am a huge fan of cricket and football and I do play both of them.
When I started on steemit two years ago, I used to post sports content mostly with but never got any support. One of my friends told me that you can't succeed on steemit if you post sports content. That really made me sad because I couldn't post what I loved.
Well now, I have an answer for him as we have a sports community now.
Sportstalk to the moon!
Do you guys have a discord or some place to chat?
I will be more than happy to be a part of sportstalk.


I'm going to be taking cricket into account when we review the top level tags on the site. It will be one of the tags that I hope we can add in.

You will get lots of support now! I enjoyed the few pieces that I would end up getting to read on Steem but completely understand what you mean. I wish I would have taken screenshots of #sports before and now. I imagine we'll be seeing that tag flourish now that this content is being tokenized.

The Discord address will be announced from the main @sportstalksocial account. After a couple days of seeding the community with SPORTS then the focus will be to move on to a more detailed rollout of the game plan.

We have a community of few passionate sports writers on scorum and I think they will be overwhelmed by the fact that they can now earn sportstalk tokens by posting on steem.
I will spread the word.