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RE: Referee Elections and Upcoming Changes

The election process needs to be refined. Allowing confirmed plagiarists and persistent supporters of plagiarism to hold the post of referee is a joke


Hey mate - you get my full support, who is the one that is a confirmed plagi guy?

That's a great observation

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If you are not happy with the referees you can always buy more sports and vote them out of the list.

EDIT: I don't disagree with you that know plagiarists and persistent supporters of plagiarism shouldn't be in that list. ;)

Better yet, I'm running myself

I have to say that the idea of investing my own money to fix someone else's broken system doesn't really appeal to me :-)

True, even i agree that. Why should we invest just to make the system better. It's our responsibility only to give suggestion.

If they don't agree, it a lots to platform itself. There will be no meaning of selecting these refree.

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How is the system broken? Anyone can buy SPORTS and stake them and then vote for their favourite referee. Anyone has the same chance to be elected.

But what if they will select a refree, who himself involve in vote abuse and palagiarism

lol referees, penalty boxes, ur developing a sports sand box where the rules of games and game theory will define our existence, we will need sports tokens to pass the presidential fitness test and highschools will get sports tokens to pay their students for PE and gym class....but ull be able to buy stuff with sports at a store we can setup to sell sports equipment we buy for bulk cheap on amazon, resell at minor profit,m but inb sports. let kdis SAVE Up to get stuff like in school fundraisers where u got teh magazine of prizes u could get!