Sportstalk Looking Much Better

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#sportstalk is one of the tribes that is showing a turn around.

The application started off well but saw the common path of many with the dumping of the token. This saw a lot of sell pressure as weaker hands bailed out. Initially when a tribe is new, payouts are rather large. Over time, as more people get involved, we see the amounts decrease.

Here is the latest buy and sell graph:


That is a very impressive buy wall. There are a number of buy offers over close or over 500K SPORTS. This is the type of buying pressure that puts a nice floor in place.

Sportstalksocial is a tribe that is meant to discuss all things related to sports. This includes esports.

What I like about this tribe is the possible market. When it comes to sports, is there as large a pool of people who are fanatical? Those who are into sports are completely rabid about their particular teams. Essentially, we are looking at groups that are already dedicated and passionate.

In searching the hot pages, it is obvious we are seeing a growing influence that is global. Looking at all the posts pertaining to football (soccer) and rugby, it is evident that there is a global influence forming. This is something that truly shows the potential reach of the Steem ecosystem.

So far, we have not seen any major announcements in terms of onboarding some big players. With sports, there are all kinds of people at different levels who can have large followings. This means that onboarding could really be enhanced with just one or two targeted individuals who have a large following.

As I ponder it, the possibilities are enormous.

All new projects need to get their tokens in stronger hands if it is going to survive long term. It is easy to get some tokens and dump. This is a process that frustrates people early on. It is difficult to be committed to a project only to see a massive amount of selling taking place. However, this is the best thing to happen for the sustainability of the project.

As those committed to a project acquire a greater percentage of the tokens, things start to turn. These are the ones who are active in supporting others involved in the project. Sports is beginning to see that in my opinion. People are putting large buy orders in hoping to load up.

This is another project that is worth keeping an eye on. The potential of the market is huge.

A small fish in an enormous pond could still be very big.

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Love using the Sports Talk tag. I think it's where I have the most tokens. But still learning how to use these things! LOL

I think the sports potential is huge. I'd like to see them burning some tokens. The real potential for marketing is fantasy sports and encouraging people in the chatrooms talking smack on the blockchain.

Burning tokens would be nice...

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Tokens are being burned.

I got into SPORTS the last couple of days picking up quite some of the coins that were being dumped (750k). It's still quite the struggle to upvote/curate both with Powered Up steem and Stakes sports as many don't have any steem upvotes on their posts which highly reduces the curation rewards. I will probably have to delegate all my SP out or make another account for Sports voting which I hope will get fixed some day. the sports vote multiplier option (which is set at x3) helps but it's still quite annoying.

If anything the sportsvoter account gave me most incentive to get involved. aside from that is just more "post2mine" with many spam actifit posts and crappy content along with big account just "upvote4upvoting"

It will be interesting to see how it all works out and a small price to pay for the gamble which I'm thinking will be worth it.

really but steem need to show that

I totally agree with you. It wouldn't take much to get someone with a high profile to attract new users on here. I think the site needs to settle down first before we invite anyone.

It is also a very active time of the year for sports fans as new seasons cone and go; so hopefully some demand could be around the corner!

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Sports talk is also great for posting workout selfies 😬🤣

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thanks for the info!

I am optimistic about the future of this tribe.

I was initially staking 1/2 and selling 1/2 of all my sports, but when I started seeing the price tank I started staking all of it. It just seemed like a better investment than to trade for dust steem. Glad to see that many of these tribes are leveling out.

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Nice post. Glad there is a big buy wall forming . Excellent.

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