Sportstalk The Highest Ranked Tribe Along With Some Potential

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#Sportstalk is on fire.

This Tribe is seeing some tremendous results in a short period of time. From the token perspective, the price is up 3x in a little over a week. It appears that a lot of the weaker hands sold off their holdings, leaving the token accumulation in stronger hands. This is an important step for all new tokens to go through.

At the same time, it was recently announced that Sportstalk got listed on the State of the DApps website. This is one of the more popular sites that lists different DApps and where they rank.

What is really exciting is the fact that this Tribe pole vaulted up the rankings. It was only added in the last couple days and it presently ranks #32 on the State of the DApps site.


Naturally, this is not the most scientific ranking system yet it is something that is fairly consistent. Over time, applications rose and fell in their placement. For this reason, I think it holds value as a barometer of placement as compared to other projects.

Nevertheless, this is the highest ranked Tribe since those were introduced on the Steem-Engine platform. This makes sense since Sports fans are likely the most passionate bunch about their particular interests.

As I think about the future of this Tribe, the ideas come pouring out.

Before going any further, I will state that I am not an insider in this project and do not have any idea about what is planned from the core team. In the last announcement, it was mentioned about the activity that was taking place behind the scenes. I will state what I am writing is my thoughts only and not tied to any plans the team might have.

When I look at a Tribe, I view it as the decentralized version of what is already out there. For the most part, we are seeing communities formed around what is already known. This makes sense since the online world is full of communities to tap into.

With sports, the one thing that comes to mind is ESPN. For decades, this was the uncontested leader in the field. No broadcast station ever cropped up to seriously compete with it, at least in the West. At the same time, I am willing to bet it is the de facto Sports site for most people.

So what does ESPN have and could it be decentralized?

Obviously, we look at the idea of broadcast television. On that one, we will have to step aside. The company pays big money for those rights so it is a non-starter.

Outside of that, what does it have that cannot be duplicated on an decentralized platform like Sportstalk?

Looking at the website, it obviously has feeds with different scores. There are videos of live action along with interviews. We see articles written by paid personnel who cover the different events. There are fantasy leagues which are very popular with people.

When I consider this list, how much of this cannot be duplicated on a decentralized platform? Doesn't Sportstalk have the ability to post articles? Certainly it does. It also has a tie into D.Tube enabling the posting of video. We already saw fantasy leagues forming on there with Sportstalk sponsoring them with tokens.

In other words, there is not a great deal that separates the two in terms of capabilities. Of course, the name recognition is a huge obstacle since, on top of everything else, it provides access to the world's best known stars. Obviously, we must start small and work our way up.

My question is, collectively, could we recreate something similar on this platform?

The progression of technology makes it easier to produce content than ever before. When ESPN started, as a broadcast network, I can only ponder the money required to do so. While not looking at that same level, the ability to create video content is rather simple today.

Could the possibility exist to create some "shows" on there? We know that this came to realization on YouTube with a host of "YouTube Stars" emerging. Why do we not look at doing the same thing on here?

As I pondered this, I came up with an idea that I will share over the next few days. It is something simple that can be replicated by others. Again, collectively, we could produce sports related content that is relevant to lots of people.

My conclusion is there is the possibility to decentralize a great deal of what we see around the area of sports. Content is never easier to create and we should take advantage of that. I am not a programmer so my knowledge of things such as website design is lacking but I cannot believe it is all that difficult to alter it to increase the functionality.

Either way, this is some of the potential I see.

A couple of decades ago, newspapers and magazines ruled the world of information. When the Internet came about, this presented an opportunity for millions to create content that rivaled the major sources. It was unknown at the time, but this was the beginning of the end for much of those industries.

Collectively, the world of information expanded destroying many of the centralized establishments. While some new entities formed, we are seeing another shift taking place with the advent of something like Steem (and the associated applications).

Now we are at a point where we are looking at another large, centralized behemoth that dominates a particular market. Does anyone thing this one is any stronger than the newspaper conglomerates that operated for decades, basically unfettered?

It is interesting to witness the shift that is taking place and the ability to unseat monopolistic entities through decentralization. What they have for in money and power, we can make up for in numbers.

The fact that our activities can now be monetized is a game changer.

Instead of pay money going into a centralized entity, we start to spread it out among the masses.

It is a radical shift.

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