Why I Feel @sportstalk Could Be The Biggest Tribe

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Communities will change the face of Steem. This is the idea that will take this ecosystem to new heights. It will attract millions of people, each fitting into their own niche.

With the introduction of tokens by Steem-Engine, via the smart contract technology, we already are seeing a few tribes forming. This is natural since humans tends to gravitate towards those with similar interests.


One of the tribes I am monitoring is #sportstalk. This one holds fascination to me since the potential is enormous. I did a bit of investigation by getting in touch with @patrickulrich, the one who started it.

There are a few coding issues that he is checking into that, if he can get the solution, it will put really alter the product that this tribe offers. In fact, if he can pull it off, I feel that Sportstalk could be at the epicenter of sports related discussions on the Internet. I believe the appeal could be there for the masses.

Imagine the prospect of people having the choice of earning tokens for posting about and discussing their favorite sports' teams. It is something people are already doing for free across the Internet. Between Facebook, ESPN, and millions of blogs, the masses are already engaged in this. Thus, it is simply a matter of altering where these discussions take place.

Another advantage to this tribe is the addition of Sportstube. This is a video platform tied to D.Tube that allows for users to post videos. To me, this is another core aspect since sports is, obviously, visually oriented. Each day, there are millions of videos posted online covering everything imaginable. Everything from local newscasts to ESPN to DIYers are producing sports content.

This has universal appeal. In fact, I found out that the penetration rate in poorer countries is as good as the developed ones. Sports is something that most cultures latch onto. We all know that futbol (soccer in the United States) is the most popular sports globally. It is something that people can play no matter what the financial situation. And they do.

I read a comment by someone from Uganda who was instrumental in bringing Steem to that country. He said that he started using Sportstalk and was able to bring a few people back who had left Steem. Steem means little but discussing sports while earning the token is now attractive to them.

It is something I felt all along. I believed there would come a point when STEEM was a secondary token operating in the background. When people are drawn in based upon the community, that is the appeal. Hence, the token tied to that tribe is what they focus upon. Naturally, STEEM will enter the picture since it is what the tokens are paired with yet that is only upon conversion. While operating on the blockchain, STEEM is an afterthought.

We are witnessing the establishment of Web 3.0. Over the next decade, there are going to be a lot of changes in how we interact with the Internet. What we dealt with the last 10 years will seem archaic by 2030. The Internet will be spatial. This will have a major impact upon how we work and play.

People drawing a portion of their incomes by posting about their favorite sports' teams is an ideal start. It is something that people are already drawn to. I am not in an area with a major college yet I see all the banners hanging outside people's homes on Saturday's in the fall. College football is big in my area and I am not even in a Gainesville or Happy Valley. I can only imagine how rabid those places are.

I am concluding that if Sportstalk can solve some of the coding features plus the Steem onboarding problem is addressed, we could see this tribe grow to incredible numbers. Of the 7 billion people on there planet, there are at least a couple billion who are into sports. From a marketing perspective, that is a nice pond to fish in.

Another advantage to this is we are seeing the emergence of eSports. This is a nice lead in to the combination of sports and gaming. Combining two markets that accounts for tens of billions of dollars a year just in the United States is a welcomed idea. Ultimately, you could see a large eSports community forming on Sportstalk also.

One thing we can conclude about sports is the fans are passionate. They are a dedicated lot who tend to stick with their teams through thick and thin. There are fans who suffer decades waiting for their teams to win a championship. During that wait, they ardently turn out to discuss what is taking place. The goal is to have them turn out to Sportstalk( i.e. Steem) to interact with one another.

In my mind, this is tapping into one of the biggest markets there is. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. If we can see a few changes, I do believe a Steem oriented blitz could take place on other social media sites. With millions of different blogs and forums, it should not be difficult to attract 50K or 100K fans to test the tribe out.

When the potential market numbers into the billions, that is a small sliver that, statistically speaking, is a rounding error.

A final point that I feel worth noting is the fact that the SPORTS token is already openly traded on Steem-Engine is a huge boost. Many newcomers ask what can they do with the token, we now have an answer. Unlike a platform like Scorum, which forked Steem, Sportstalk is built upon it meaning the token is tied to everything else on here. As the use cases for STEEM increases, it will only make it more valuable.

We also know that one Steem account will access all the tribes. One who is a sports fan also could love a variety of other communities that we see formed. The value of a single log in is only starting to be realized.

In conclusion, this is a project worth monitoring to see where it goes. It 1/1000th of the potential can be reached, that would be enormous.

Fun times ahead for all those on Steem.

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If they do streaming, fantasy leagues, ticketing, and betting it will be huge.

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It would be great to see those things on tap. I am not sure how difficult to would be to pull off from a technical side but it would enhance the entire platform.

#sportstalk #steemleo

The good Thing about Sportstalk is the token will be Valuable even to people who are just Casual Fans........

No doubt about it. I see a huge amount of potential in sportstalk. Just wait til the average fan figures out they can get paid to talk about sports online when they already do it!

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Glad you are checking in on this community TM, I have big hopes also :)

I really hope sportstalk has big plans and will to market itself to bring in more people from outside steem.

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They should market and advertise on the Publish0x tipper... It is the biggest crypto powered blogging platform in the world. We will be doing Project Blogging there for the mass adoption of STEEM. That's what's so exciting about it ~ the tips will be STEEM or the cryptocurrency of the Tribe. I will be using it for all my new e-books very shortly! Take care.

Hope the project blogging works well for getting the word out there for steem and tribes. What project are you talking about?

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You are not alone, there is so many of us who believe in this amazing platform.

am LOVING sportstalk so far, I got in and am waiting to get some stake but know a lot of friends on here so it's been nice so far

I read a comment by someone from Uganda who was instrumental in bringing Steem to that country. He said that he started using Sportstalk and was able to bring a few people back who had left Steem. Steem means little but discussing sports while earning the token is now attractive to them

I am the Ugandan and more folks are coming back now.

I have another friend who got an account, made one post and guess earned 0.001$ and told me this Steemit thing is hard hehehe.

I texted him recently and explained sportstalk to him and he has so far made 4 posts coz he loves sports.

The future is bright folks. I have renewed enthusiasm to resume my Steemit promos here...

sportstalk is a big news on Steemit and will bring many sports fans to publish and comment interactively articles published. a potential evolution could create a circuit of related sports bets. there are no limits to the potential that the platform will be able to express in the future...

Spot on and agreed - I see huge potential here! And I see this as an early investor and supporter of Scorum - this Tribe here has a lot potential.

I think you said it all with the universal appeal of sports to mostly everyone. Even people that are limited in their mobility can enjoy watching and being a fan of some team. The team concept ~ working together athletically to win and ultimately be a champion.

Thanks for the article ~ good read!

It took a minute to get used to but I'm loving steem-engine and all the different tokens.. hopefully one of them will reach the outside world..

You are right - the simple fact it is based on Steem helps a lot, the 50-50 split will also help to at least be able to fight the abusers which always come. Let us make this tribe big as long as we are small enough to control it.

Will be interesting to see where this goes in the future! There’s also a tribe forming called sports hub, started by some dedicated Venezuelans like @nachomolina that looks promising.

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I can not stop thinking of those days when steem was up there. those were the best days in my life. and I see them coming black a now is a better and more exciting way through the steem tribes.

This is going to positively change the price of steem.

@sportstalk is not a good. Day by day the reward is decreasing on a post and the 7th day you get very less amount from reward. one of my post was received 2500 Sports token upvote on a first day and when i see 7th day it is only 140 sports token is pending as a reward. almost every post facing this problem.

I am enjoying reading the sports related content and think it is of a good standard.

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Yeah, sports was the obvious use case I saw when I first heard about scot tribes. I guess I'll start tagging my sports content with sportstalk then! I imagine I will have a lot to say about Zion Williamson next year.

Also, very glad to see that the robot in the SportsTalk graphic is wearing a Cubs hat!

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