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Betman will not bother you today with his ingenious ramblings, and will have just one short brag about his perfect Sunday. It has never happen before that Betman win all six bets on Sunday, and will probably never repeat again. Thanks for your attention and goodbye…

Oh no you wont-3q4me4.jpg

Mr. Kersey? I have a deep impression I have watched this movie before. Couldn’t you just say please? Betman would gladly brag some more in that case.


You see? Total 548 SCR invested, and 200.82 SCR won. Are you a bit jealous? Come on, admit it, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, right?

Gimme a tip-3q4plj.jpg

Sorry, Mr. Kersey, there is nothing for today. Only two games at BetScorum today, one highly unpredictable and the other with a shamelessly low odds. Even worse than the last tip Betman won — despite it was Chelsea involved!

13:30 CET: Chelsea FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur 1X @ 1.22 ✔ 2:1

So, come again some other day and don’t forget to bring your “pretty please”.


You don’t like to listen, do you? Or you have chosen a tough chick this time. OK, Betman can understand. Obviously, the first one was not bulletproof enough. Here, I hope this tip will help you to escape hospital expenses:

21:00 CET Liverpool FC vs. West Ham United 1 @1.166

If not, you can tell her that her SCRs were not of much value anyway… You can comfort her that the next time it will be better. You can whisper her a promise that one day there will be many more sports at BetScorum, and then a lot of Betman’s tips…

Just don’t tell her BetScorum is dead!

Find it all out at Scorum

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