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After a very successful operation of removing Chelsea from the CL competition, today we can extract those antibetmaniacs from the FA Cup. And this time, Betman does not have to invest a large sum at BetScorum. They are hosting Rabidpool… Liverpool, heavily wounded straight in their vanity back in Watford…

FA Cup, of course is a sixteenth rated competition… or seventeenth, I don’t have a financial report yet, and it is not a big deal to expel them out of it. But it can be used to drove their fans. If there are any left. One, at least? OK, we’ll awake the last one of the Chelseacans:


And we’ll do it choosing a simple option, that Chelsea will not lose:


20:45 CET: Chelsea FC vs. Liverpool FC 1X @1.836

That will do the job, and all of you who have already invested on Liverpool, I congratulate at your winnings! It was an easy money! You may be sure in another fu**up… I mean, you may be sure in the result whenever you see Chelsea so high in the FA Cup. And if you have invested in Liverpool in SCR, then it is probably even easier than Betman can describe, having in mind it is just around half a cent today.

Furthermore, you can expand your winnings by writing a counter-tip to this Betman’s, and get a fat upvote from Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters. That is, if they are awake and laughing at the events over to the Steem Blockchain and sunburns all over its community.

You think Justin 🌞 could be mad enough
to take over BetScorum?

Kiss FA Cup Goodbye, Chelsea!

Find it all out at Scorum

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