Russian Springtime Odds

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This is unbelievable! Chelsea used another chance when Betman did NOT put a tip at them to perfidiously win the game against Everton. Which can also mean they have say goodbyе to the CL even before the revenge match against the Terrible Teutons. Still, Betman will not miss the chance for a Coup de Grâce tip, as soon as we get the odds at BetScorum…

In the meantime in Russia…

…the Springtime is coming! Yes the Sun is knocking at the door. Not the forking 🌞 seen at Steemit, but the real one. And what the Russians do? They are throwing away Winter clothes and start playing favorite games: Russian roulette and football. So, I will not bother you with too much text, and just leave a pair of odds…

Too much text-3rutx9.jpg

Absolutely. You should never talk too much in Springtime in Bedman’s… I mean Betman’s memes, and… you should never use that thing in your hands for a Russian roulette. At least not before the first big loss caused by ignoring Betman’s tips. So, there are not many games today, and let’s not waste any more time on explaining the obvious: Russian odds…


…and a pair of games from coronavirus stricken Western lands before they collapse under collective toilet paper hysteria:


Betman is aware that this post wouldn’t be interesting at all without the most interesting report on the dropping SCR value. Where’s the big news in that? Well, SCR dropped 10%, while BTC dropped 22%! There is someone in a bigger hole — what a consolation!

Still waiting for that Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters, upvote for the winning tip from Tuesday…

Find it all out at Scorum

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Бетманша просто супер. Я думаю, что она лучше бы смотрелась с гранатомётом.