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So I am sitting here on Netflix watching the history of swear words, getting freaked out by Nick Cage's beard and all of a sudden in the CTP Discord a post pops up from my good friend @pixiepost, a woman I admire, have a mad crush on, and someone I highly respect for her unconditional love for all breeds of humanity and animals. Tonight the Pixie was a bit upset... so much so that she actually used a curse word in her daily video, which is highly unusual for her, as she is normally much more pleasant than that. She had issues with the ugliness in the current environment, how people are being highly negative, complaining about this or that, as well as pointing fingers at other people and not taking responsibility for their own actions, or inactions. The link to the video is here:


We are all responsible for our own actions. This is a phrase that is timeless, has been said by many a philosopher, educator, politician, father, mother, etc.. the list goes on and on... after watching Jenn's video tonight, this is the phrase that has come to mind the most. Jenn is also right about making excuses for inaction or action. Instead of pointing fingers at outside forces and people you have issues with, worry about your own inner self and circle and worry about what YOU can do to make yourself better. These outside forces ultimately have no control over what you do, say or act. You are ultimately responsible for what you do, not your coworker, family member, or friend... just you... and if you decide to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, or point fingers, or blame someone other than yourself, then you are missing the point.


Ultimately you are responsible for your actions, inactions, motivation, and inspiration... What excuse are you making today for not making that post, video, or whatever content is needed to get you moving, to make yourself successful, to inspire others, to get involved... whatever is in your head, whatever it is that you are passionate about, get it out there, no matter the subject, no matter how hard you may think it is, ... DO IT. Stop making excuses, stop pointing fingers, get it out there, let the world know how you feel and if no one responds. do it again... keep going until you are noticed because eventually, people will notice, and then when they do, it will have more of an impact than you can imagine... just do the work


Content creation is hard... trust me, I know, I have been on this journey for 8 years, and it doesn't get any easier despite how long you have been trying. the point is to keep trying because eventually, it will pay off. For a long time, I have been lazy and did not create any consistent content, taking weeks, sometimes months off, because I chose the easier route and decided that streaming movies or TV shows were a better option to occupy my time. This is mindless time-consuming content, but I wasn't accomplishing anything, but my brain didn't care, because to be honest, I was afraid of doing what was the right thing to do... I made excuses to myself, not realizing that I was doing just what most content creators are doing... nothing... It's a hard business, and the HARD is what makes it great... It's a quote from "A League of Their Own", but it fits. The HARD is what makes it great, because if it was easy... then EVERYONE would be doing it.


That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? The answer is to get out there, make yourself visible... create content... stop making excuses, and do the work. there is a lot of ugliness going on in the world, but the truth is, only you can make the decision to begin to move forward and make the world a better place, because your co-worker, your neighbor, your friends, or your family aren't going to do it for you. Stop blaming the world and take responsibility for your own actions. be creative, be visible, and above all else... be honest... it's cliche, but to quote a famous company slogan... Just Do It... You'll find that the more you create and get involved, stop pointing fingers, stop playing victim, the happier you will be... I guarantee it...

thank you... and please... be good to each other...

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We have our emotions, ups and downs.
time will change everything so I guess little wait before reacting is a good strategy.

Thanks for putting your view in very structured manner.

Hey Saachi, thanks for responding and your reaction. We are all responsible for motivating ourselves to bring the content that means a lot to not just ourselves, but to others as well

Wow, what an awesome post!! True words...& we share a vision...that we are all capable of amazing things. We just have to believe in it; get out there & do it!

Thank you so much for the kind words & for sharing my post. I only hope it helps others & possibly empower some to take action.

Keep up your great work! The site & blogs have been outstanding! Take care, my friend. 💚


Girl you know I love you... you re an inspiration to a lot of people, keep doing what you are doing and make the world a brighter place.

💛💚 I love you, too, Scott. Thank you for being so supportive! Keep up your awesome work & spirit. :)

Great post with many true words and points.

thank you @chmoen I appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing this, really needed it 😀😀

Thank you @harpreetjanda I appreciate it...

Thanks for writing this. This surely will give me more courage to write.

@rupinder I have been afraid for years... but I continue to write even if no one is watching because someday... they will. keep up the good work.