Week 2: Weekly Auto Upvote Contest

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This is the week 2 of the weekly Auto Upvote Contest aimed at encouraging new users on the platform. Unfortunately, @idegbe007 was the only participant of week1 due to low visibility of the post

I will be selecting five users this week and they will be placed on Auto Upvote after which they will be replaced by another set of users in the next 7 days

These are the rules 👇

  • You must have less than 50k Sports staked

  • The earnings on your posts in the last 7 days must be less than 5k Sports

  • Comment on this post and tell me the challenges you're facing on the platform

  • I will check out your blog to see if you at least put in some efforts in your work.

  • I will check your transaction history to see if you're a regular dumper of sports or not. (This is because I want to empower stable members not dumpers)

  • If you meet these conditions👆 I will select only 5 users by my own discretion and place them on Auto Upvote at 100% (worth about 3000 Sports)

Entry lasts in 24 hours and winners will be published tomorrow

Have a nice day! 😎

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Good luck to everyone that enters. Hopefully you get more than one person this week.

such a great way to help people struggling their pay outs on spirts community..

more power and God Bless Bro.

This is wonderful, I hope to begin something of this nature soon.

This is wonderful,
I hope to begin something
Of this nature soon.

                 - hilltop

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well it's a brilliant initiative, it's good you're doing something for undervalued posts

Good on you , think is a good initiative and hope this post gets more visibility and also I"ve been a bad badddd girl, so bad
but ya know what?
toooo bad ;)

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