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This has always been a debate whether one should vote a post immediately after the author published it or one should wait for at least 30 minutes before voting it for maximum curation rewards.

Those of us who have been on steemit for a long time know there's a complexity in the voting system. The voting and reward system is just too complex and that's why it confuses a lot of people, likewise myself

Some people believe if one votes a post within 30 minutes after the author published it, 100% of your curation rewards are forfeit to the author. That is, if you votes a post immediately after it's made you forfeit your curation rewards to the author.

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Some people on the other hand believe that if one votes a post 30 minutes after publishing, a proportion of your curation rewards are donated back to the author (75/25). Not only that, some people believe in-between 0 and 30 minutes, your rewards increase linearly. Thus, at 10 minutes, you get 33%, 50% at 15 minutes, 67% at 20 minutes,

Now we have Sportstalk. I still see people in a group today arguing about Sportstalk voting mark. Some some argue that the waiting period of Sportstalk is 30 minutes some on the other hand believe it's just 15 minutes

Does the 30 minutes voting mark also work on Sportstalk?

If you have a depth of knowledge about this stuff kindly shed more light in the comment box

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Try a few posts at different times and upvote same value each time then go to steemitworld and check out your upcoming curation reward. Before HF20 it was 30 minutes but that went out the window. Then it was 15 minutes. And now it is actually lower again.

Alright man! I'm going to try that

Am guessing they are both same since they operates on same mechanism now of 50/50 but the the sports I think it's 1st to upvote has a higher shares than those that came after it.

I think the share is based on power staked

That is also a factor but it's on 1st to upvote them the power staked followes

I need to reblog this to get more attention. Thank you @tosyne2much for coming up with this brilliant questions and ideas.

Even after spending over a year, i still don't know something like this exist. Thanks for the post bro, it's really educating.

Didn't the one minute on steem also affect sportstalk social as well?

Wow we learn everyday, i didn't even know there was such a thing as the 30 minute mark on Steemit. I would try this and see how it goes and whether there is a variance in the payout.

I'm glad you just leant it 😉

This is why some of us use the auto voter. We all have certain users we follow and upvote and you may as well try and get a higher percentage than just manually curating. Steem changed after the last hardfork to 50/50 so 50 percent of the post goes to the author and 50 percent to the users that vote.
The key time before was around 9 minutes or so and now it is based on the curve depending on how much the post makes. I am not saying you are wrong on 30 minutes as it depends on the post but I think if you went before 10 minutes you will notice a huge difference. Most of us are still experimenting with times.

Nice input Mr Cryptoandsports✌️

I asked the owner of sportstalk weeks ago and now real answer. This tells a lot. Based on the fact it is a steem-engine tribe it is probably also working with the 5 min vote window as on Steem. Hence any tribe can use their own window. Not a lot facts out there by the many tribes.