Man City Puts An End To Chelsea's 6 Game Winning Streak

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Manchester City finally put an end to Chelsea's 6 matches winning streak with a 2-1 victory at Etihad this evening

Chelsea started well as they took the lead when N'Golo Kante squirmed a shot through Ederson in the penalty area before Kevin De Bruyne equalized barely 9 minutes later.

Mahrez later went ahead to score and gave City the lead in the 37th minutes before half-time and that was the final score. Although, the game would have ended 3-1 but Raheem Sterling's late goal was disallowed for offside

Even though City won the game their performance wasn't that spectacular tonight. Chelsea played a good game today but they were just unlucky. Assuming they were more composed and had attacked City more the result would have been different

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It was a much better performance from Manchester city. They had a good strategy in chasing Chelsa.
Through out the session Chelsa had a good form and even in this match also they played really well, but lost unfortunately.