Sports Price Now Stabilizing?

in sportstalk •  9 months ago  (edited)


You might have observed from the sports market that the sell pressure is reducing compared to how it was in the past few weeks which became worrisome.

Seems those who are heavily dumping Sports now have little to sell or let me say they are now beginning to have a rethink about the potential of sports



Apart from the fact that the sell pressure is reducing, the buy pressure on the other hand is also going up.

This is how we want things to be and if the buy pressure can go a little bit higher than this, it will start having a positive effect on the price of sports

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Yep. I am happy for it. The more we stake, the more it will be stable.

That's it man!

Do you think that it will become equal to 1USD?

No that's not possible due to its supply but it can rise to a reasonable price

Instead of selling sports. Use sportsvoter to burn sports for steem . Excellent inititive

Yes I agree. I don't sell sports. I just stake or use sports voter.

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