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I am a sports talk Newb, but I sure do have some stories to tell... I was a resident of the suburbs in Terre Haute, IN when INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY went on that magical run to the NCAA Championship Game in March of 1979... I was a true fan of the Cincinnati Reds BIG RED MACHINE since 1972, and they won 2 consecutive World Series crowns in 75 and 76. 75 was a 7 game barn-burner with the Boston Red Sox (one of the most memorable of all time!) and the following was one of the most forgettable, a 4 game sweep of the NY Yankees 😂 I was also a true fan of the Indianapolis COLTS in their Super Bowl winning season, that game was own on my brother's birthday that year!

It's great to be here, several of my besties are imbedded already. I am also an avid gun collector and shooter, plus I am setting up for reloading. It is big savings, especially when you own exotic calibers like 357 Magnum, 10mm and 460 Rowland. Save That Brass! 😹


Hey welcome to Sportstalk :)!

He's one of our homies, finally wrangled him on here with promises of Swedish supermodels and lambos


Great job! Great effort and a great win.

Great to be here...

I honestly feel the great addition :). Looking forward to see more of your posts.

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Ahoy, me 'earty! Glad ta see ye finally joined the STS fleet! The boys are back in town.

Also, finally another sports shooter joins!


3# w/o a magazine 🤣😹😂🤣

Great to know more about you @underground! Go COLTS!

Wow! another sportstalk whale in the making, welcome! :D found you on scarletreign curated articles

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