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RE: Launching Proposals on SPORTS

If I increase my stake, would it automatically add to my vote value on the proposal?


I believe so. I just updated the numbers and you're stake went up by at least 100K SPORTS.

Okay, another question:

Does my voting manna affect my vote on a proposal?

Assuming I have 60 million SPORTS stake which gives 17k SPORTS in vote and I had drained my voting manna in voting for post to say 10% which would be less than 3,000, what would happen to my vote on a proposal at that time?

No, voting % or power is not reflected at all. A 1% vote for Yes is the same as a 100% vote the same as a 1% voting mana would be the same as a 100% voting mana. It's just looking at the stake for each person to determine their GP.