Some things must be prepared when climbing a mountain.

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Breathing is the core of any sport, including climbing mountains, even the core of living things themselves. The oxygen content in the mountains is thinner than in the lowlands; the higher the place, the thinner the oxygen content. No wonder many climbers, who are used to climbing mountains even though breathing is still experiencing obstacles.
Walking and breathing when climbing a mountain feels much harder than walking and breathing in the lowlands. To produce energy, oxygen is needed and oxygen is thin. Therefore, proper breathing techniques are very important.

The following are some tips for climbing mountains so you don't get tired quickly:

  1. Establish intention
  2. Exercise the best possible
  3. Rest in place
  4. Drink not too much
  5. Avoid the body from direct sunlight
  6. Bring only important items (pay attention to packing)
  7. Healthy nutritious foods and drinks
  8. Hiking is not an obstacle
  9. Take out the tent (camp) at the right time
  10. Eat according to portion
  11. Climb with the team and group
  12. Bring vitamins / minerals recommended by the doctor
  13. Use shoes (shoes) specifically for mountain climbing

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