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The creator of the volleyball game is William G. Morgan. He is a physical education teacher at the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States.
At the beginning of its development, Morgan created a volleyball game by banging the ball up through the webs that divided the field into two parts.

Furthermore, the game is continually developing towards a more modern direction. The development starts from the tools used in the game, for example balls and nets. Morgan began ordering special balls for volleyball to companies that produce sports equipment. That ball is what is hereafter known as volleyball.

Initially, Morgan named the game as 'minnonete'. Morgan's colleague, Dr. Halsted Springfield suggested that Morgan change the name 'minnonete' to 'volleyball'. Volleyball Pamor game even more uphill after that.

The YMCA educational institution, where Morgan works, also started holding volleyball competitions. The first national volleyball championship was successfully held in 1922. In 1929, a national organization that houses volleyball was founded and chaired by George J. Fisher.

Volleyball games began to be known in various countries such as the Soviet Union, Romania, Japan and Pakistan. In 1961, a volleyball organization in Pakistan organized a volleyball competition named Morgan Cup Tournament. The competition was created as a form of appreciation for William Morgan as the creator of volleyball games.

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