The benefits of cycling while enjoying the nature of the mountains.

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One of the most popular activities to do while enjoying the view and mountain air is cycling. Not all types of bicycles can be used to traverse steep, uneven, and rocky mountain paths, it requires special types of bicycles that are strong against quite extreme road contours.

MTB or mountain bike is a type of bicycle specifically designed to deal with mountain roads that are not as friendly as urban roads. MTB bikes have many differences with the types of bicycles that are used to walk in urban areas. The differences include, a stronger and stronger frame, thicker tires and a higher grip, more braking brakes, and stronger pedals and seats withstand shocks. All this is prepared to face the contours of the road in the mountains that go up and down and have many obstacles.

Extreme types of roads that are assisted by clean air make cycling in the mountains besides challenging, also has many benefits. What are those?
(1) Strengthen leg and arm muscles. Excessive power is needed to face the contours of a road full of curves and ups and downs. We will do a lot of pedaling which strengthens the leg muscles, and stronger control will also be needed so that the arm muscles will also continue to be trained.
(2) Burn fat and manage the body optimally. This activity requires more energy than regular cycling, so that it burns more fat and calories.
(3) Good luck on the heart and breathing. Flu, colds, or cough can be resisted with this activity, because the clean mountain air is healthy. In addition, this activity also improves blood circulation and is a good exercise for the heart.
(4) Helps the body more fit. Doing this activity regularly is very good for the body, because in addition to the benefits above, this activity will also keep you fresh and fit. In addition, this activity also helps us sleep faster and more soundly.

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